How To Train For A Half Marathon?

How To Train For A Half Marathon? A Complete Guide

Just about anyone can complete the half marathon with the proper training. The key is to build up slowly, have consistency and follow the right training plan. That way, it will prevent you from being side-lined by injuries. Unfortunately, many runners often get carried away when...

Can Cycling Reduce Belly Fat

Can Cycling Reduce Belly Fat? Ultimate Guide 2022

Like most cardio workouts, cycling can help reduce belly fat and extra weight from other areas. Recent studies have shown that cycling regularly may increase overall fat loss and keep you at a healthy weight. To reduce overall belly girth, low to moderate-intensity exercise is...

4 Hour Marathon Pace

4 Hour Marathon Pace – A Complete Guide 2022

Running a sub 4 hour marathon may be easy for some. However, just like the 3-hour mark, a 4-hour marathon requires training, consistency, and the correct pacing. Often many people get their 4 hour marathon pace wrong, this can be either through incorrect pacing, or the...