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Running on trails

Running on trails: Why trail running is good

If you spend most of your training time running on roads, tracks and other hard surfaces, you might want to consider changing your regular routes to include trail running.Sometimes running on roads begins to feel like a chore. Running on trails might be just what...

running for fitness

Running For Fitness and A Better Life

Everybody knows about the health benefits that running for fitness can bring- reduced blood pressure, improved stamina, a high metabolism, a leaner, lighter physique, youthful skin, lesser risks of developing cancer and diabetes, better bone density, etc. Adopting and sticking to effective running fitness programs...

Coronavirus events cancelled

How to train through the coronavirus pandemic

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic around the world and the effect on triathlon, Ironman, cycling and running events being canceled, it may seem overwhelming to some. From staying healthy to the crippling damage to the economy, there is currently a lot of stress...

foam rollers for runners

Use And Benefits Of Foam Rollers For Runners

Those that engage in any type of running activity should consider the individual benefits that come with foam rollers. Foam rollers for runners can knead knotty and tender areas to promote long and smooth muscles, which are more injury resistant, recover faster and are much...



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