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Training on my own led to burnout and inconsistency. Having a running coach has provided me with a sense of accountability and a well-rounded approach to training. The mix of workouts keeps things interesting, and the results speak for themselves.
- David Smith

Great Coach

I've always been a casual runner, but I wanted to take my training to the next level. My running coach helped me set clear goals and structured workouts that pushed my limits while keeping me injury-free. The progress I've made in just a few months is astonishing.
- Michael Johnson


Working with my running coach has been a game-changer for me. With personalized training plans and expert guidance, I've seen remarkable improvements in my speed and endurance. I never thought I could enjoy running this much!
- Sarah Thompson


Graeme has helped me improve my fitness for basketball in just one month. Thanks!
- Cory Joe


One of the best coaches I have worked with. Always available and have seen a big improvement in my running since starting with Graeme
- Cory Gibbs

Amazing customer service

Graeme was absolutely amazing throughout the whole period of training!
- Aneesh Yellishetty

18 Week Half Marathon Plan

Brought the 18 week half marathon training plan, not only was it built for me but Graeme spent more than 1 hour discussing my previous training and how we could make improvements to it. He then explained in detail what training we should focus on and the results we should expect. Overall super happy and once this training plan is finished I will probably move into monthly coaching with him
- Rickie Wilderman

Couch to 10k

I purchased a couch to 10k training program from SportCoaching and for a newbie like me it is easy to understand and follow. So far I am already halfway through and everything feels great. I highly recommend this plan to all beginner runners.
- John

Exceptional help for a newbie runner

Exceptional help for a newbie runner like me, not only does sportcoaching help elite athletes but looks after newbie runners like myself and goes above and beyond to see me improve
- Christina Williamsson

Fantastic good Coach

Fantastic good Coach, given me great progress. Highly recommended if you want to make progress.
- Jean Kristin Veibye-Hauge

Best Results!

Having Graeme as a coach for a full year has help me improve drastically. I could not have been more prepared before an Ironman race. I am impressed on how well the coaching plan was fitted to my fitness level and also to my personal schedule and daily life. I highly recommend sportcoaching to everyone that needs a well-suited training plan and wants help with achieving the best results
- Francis

Highly recommended

Highly recommended to join Sportcoaching!
- Jenifer

Good support and highly knowledgeable

Good support and highly knowledgeable, highly recommended.
- Jeremy Anderson

Great Passion for Coaching

Graeme has a real passion for coaching and always takes that extra step to help his athletes. The knowledge and tips he provides are invaluable and so is the improvement I have made this year. Thanks!
- Andrea Cambell

Marked Improvement

I have seen a marked improvement over my 5km and 10km time under Graeme's guidance. He goes out of his way to help you improve your results in a fun and motivation way. Recommend to any type of athlete that wants to make a big improvement in their results.
- Selina Bolder

Great experience

I am a complete beginner when it comes to running. Sportcoaching has helped me progress slowly and build my fitness up to be able to handle my first marathon. I've also lost over 8kg in the first two months with his advice and feel like I have much more energy.
- Donna


Been injury free for over 6 months since starting with sportcoaching. Its the longest time i have been able to continually build my training volume and results without my calf problems.
- Daniel Smith

No More Injuries

I have been struggling with constant injuries for years. Graeme has taken his time to help me understand what is causing the issues and how I should structure my training to stay injury-free. Originally I signed up just for some guidance here and there, now I'm on a full monthly running plan and couldn't be happier!!
- Damien

Thanks for all the support!

Thanks for all the support and all my questions over the years. You have helped me considerably improve my running. Thanks again!
- Chris Williams

Thanks for all the support!

Thanks for all the support and all my questions over the years. You have helped me considerably improve my running. Thanks again!
- Chris Williams

Started with Greame after a foot injury

Started with Greame after a foot injury and he started writing the program after that and a couple of years later I had a good progression in my training and development. If you have a question, you get answers very quickly! If you want a coach who is involved in your training, Greame is the one to choose 🙂
- Peter Andersson


Dropped my running time from 21mins to 17mins for 5km! Thanks for the coaching!
- Graham Pearson

mycket seriös individuell plan

Fått ett utmärkt mottagande och en mycket seriös individuell plan för min fortsatta träning
- Anna Holter

Vi har bra kontakt

Jag tog hjälp av Graeme för att förbättra mig inom löpning och landsvägscykling. Vi har bra kontakt under hela tiden och jag har förbättrat min kapacitet. Den största vinsten är att jag numer kan springa utan knäsmärtor och att mina ryggproblem nästan helt har försvunnit
- Nils Svensson

Väldigt bra!

När jag började titta efter någon att ta hjälp av var återkoppling något vitalt och där tycker jag du är väldigt bra, du svarar alltid väldigt snabbt och du är lätt att nå.
- Daniel Engblom

Graeme is awesome

Working with Graeme has been great. He has refined my technique and boosted my confidence. From open-water swim drills to mastering brick workouts, his guidance has taken me from a recreational athlete to a podium contender.
- John Harris

Choosing Sportcoaching

Choosing Sportcoaching has been one of the best things I have done for my triathlon since I started 5 years ago. When I was training myself I was always fighting injuries and overtraining. Now I have been injury-free for 6 months and already seen a marked improvement over my running and cycling results
- Phil Jones

Sportcoaching provides very structured training

Sportcoaching provides very structured training plans and has helped me to some great personal best times this year. I also used Graeme's training to help me finish my first Ironman this year. He helps me take the guesswork out of training and is always available whenever I ask a question. Highly recommended.
- Keith Hollar

Very much appreciate the time and help

Graeme brakes down the training in a simple and understandable way. For a newbie into triathlon like me, this is super important. He introduced me to training with power and has also taken his time to teach me how to understand the data correctly. He is constantly available no matter the time and has really helped me improve already in such a short period. Very much appreciate the time and help he has given me.
- Steve Campbell

Training plan has worked brilliantly!

I have been working with Graeme and Sport coaching for the past one year. His training plan has worked brilliantly and I find it much easier to fit the training around my life. I have seen a drop in my ironman time from 11hrs15mins to 9hrs55min and next year hoping to improve even more.
- Martin Smith

After some years with triathlon

After some years with triathlon training and Ironman races, my development plateaued and i contacted sportcoaching for some help. Just two months in to the program i managed to raise my bike FTP and it has continously improved since. I have learned so much regarding training progression, what to train when and race pacing, importance of nutrition etc etc. Highly recommended!
- Magnus Mange

Great coach

Great coach, responsive and knowledgeble. Had Graeme as a coach for a couple of years and my performance kept getting better and better. He was quick responding on my questions and altering my training set up due to how my life was at the time. He is giving you feed back regulary on your training sessions and always listening to you and your body, both what you say and what the Numbers are saying. I can highly recommend Graeme as a coach!
- Jon Hedlund

Of course you did!

This is Graeme’s response whenever I complete a hard workout or perform well at an event. His confidence in my ability is a great mental boost. Extremely knowledgeable, professional and responsive to any issues or questions.
- Elizabeth Gonsalves

SportCoaching has helped me immensely

SportCoaching has helped me immensely. From all my questions, to a triathlon plan that has been fitted around my busy lifestyle.Always fast to reply and extremely helpful.
- Rachael Smith

Very satisfied

Very satisfied! Coach had a much better track of what achievement I could achieve 🙂 When it was time for my first IM he knew exactly what times I could go on and it was much better than I thought even though I had trained a lot myself before. Recently a achilles surgery but when I am healthy again I hire sportcoaching again 🙂
- Håkan Linder

Highly Recommended

Graeme's a great, friendly and knowledgeable coach for all sports disciplines including multisport. Over the past 36 months I have improved my performance massively and avoided injury thanks to his training program utilising training peaks. Graeme's quick to respond to queries, feedback and last minute alterations to the training schedule on any day. Highly recommended.
- Tom

Not Bad!

Couldn't have asked for a better coach for my first Ironman! Looking forward to the next Ironman with Sportcoaching.
- Shaun

Experienced Coaching

Sportcoaching (Graeme) offers the athlete years of experience and knowledge in the areas of running, cycling and endurance sport. Training plans are created personally for each athlete based on their personal goals. Each plan is created from practical experience that Graeme has accumulated over the years of coaching as well as participating in sport. The training plans are built to challenge the athlete (I have improved my triathlon biking significantly) while preparing the athlete for their chosen events. The coach is always available to the athlete to discuss anything they may need and provide feedback. I always look forward to seeing what the next training block has to offer. Thanks Graeme!
- Scott S

Thanks for your patience

Thanks for your patience and understanding, for your help and for believing in me. It’s still hard for me to understand that I actually made Kalmar… It was a struggle but the most positive part was, believe it or not, the marathon!
- Sara Gradling

Makes like easier!

Yes it feels good. Like being on your training-schedule and it works fine! Makes life much easier just to check what to be done and then just do it!
- Håkan Nilsson


Coachingen har varit mycket utvecklande och har hjälp mig med att nå mina träningsmål. Träningen har varit hård men även väl avvägd för att undvika skador. Jag hade inte nått de resultat jag gjort utan coaching
- Håkan Hulling

Mycket kompetent!

När man är ny är feedbacken extra viktig och Graeme är mycket kompetent på att både analysera siffror och förstå hur viktig den mentala styrkan är. Jag har varit imponerad av hans förmåga att förstå vad jag behöver som adept – när det gäller att pusha och när det gäller att berömma och stöda.
- Minna Backman

En kollega rekommenderade Graeme

En kollega rekommenderade Graeme som coach för två år sen. Mitt mål var ursprungligen att förbättra min löpning – och det har jag gjort men under denna tid har jag också gått från att vara fullständigt värdelös cyklist till att vara bland de starkare cykeldamerna i regionen. Det senaste året satte jag målet att genomföra en Ironman och utan Graemes träning, stöd och obotliga engagemang och optimism hade det inte lyckats!
- Pia Sundqvist

Pleased with your coaching

Actually I have been very pleased with your coaching and think you are a very competent and inspiring person and coach.
- Peter Taflin

Thank you for coaching me

My intention with this email was to thank you for coaching me the last 18 months, and helping me with my bike on many occasions. Training has been hard sometimes but it has definitely been worth it. Thank you!
- Marie Svedberg


Kan varmt rekommendera andra coaching av Graeme! Otroligt inspirerande, proffsigt och mycket lärorikt!
- Terese Hulling

Graeme is really on top on the game!

Graeme is really on top on the game!! I consider my self as a well educated and self coached athlete, but I have seen significant performance benefits in short time working with Graeme. Looking forward to continue this process!!
- Åge Bunde

A good Guy and a great coach

A good Guy and a great coach! Have helped me look at training in a different way.
- Oliver Seppo Lindblom

Still making huge improvements!

Been coached by Sportcoaching going on 5 years. Always quick feedback and ready to answer questions any time of the day.
- Evan Adams

Super happy with you as a coach

Super happy with you as a coach. Good progress and several top positions in the bike. Good follow-up. Also perfect for me working shift. Creates program training as I work.
- Ken Ronny hauge

Couldnt been in the shape i'm in

Couldnt been in the shape im in without the help of sportcoachingnz. Always in touch for my questions and helps me along the way. So happy!
- Stian Mjølnerød-Lie

The King

The king Always Good support and Good results
- Melvin Friis

Thanks Coach!

The bike is perfect for me now, thanks for everything you have done for me and the others! I’m very happy to have you as my coach
- Jonathon Nilsson

Very professional and supportive

Very professional and supportive in my training. The training is based around my lifestyle but also adjusted when my work takes over. Recommended for anyone that has limited time and needs cycling coaching to fit around their business lifestyle.
- Freddie C

Huge Improvements!

I have been through many coaches during my cycling career but no one has offered me the help sportcoaching has. From feedback and unlimited contact to the huge improvements I have made 30% increase in my FTP
- Darren

Two months already

I am two months already into the cycling coaching and already seen a marked improvement. Over 40 watts at my threshold power. I am happy, to say the least! Thanks for some great coaching and look forward to the rest of the season.
- Tommy Presta

Good Coach

I have always been a runner since high school. Once I got older I found it hard to balance work, family, training and coaching myself. Graeme helped me structure the training more efficiently and helped me set new personal best times on less training than I did before. A really nice guy and a very good coach!
- Jay Whitmyer

Good Coach

Daily feedback and quick to reply to my questions. Can't ask for a better coach to help your cycling.
- Mark Henry

A colleague recommended Graeme

A colleague recommended Graeme as a coach two years ago. My goal initially was to improve my running - and I have done that, but during this time I have also gone from being completely useless cyclist to being among the stronger cycling ladies in the region.
- Darcy

Recommended !!

Used sportcoaching for 2 years to improve my cycling. I have been able to help increase my Functional Power Threshold over 100 watts with less time than I spent training before. The training was hard at times but definitely worth the improvement. Contact super fast whenever I needed questions answered.
- Louise

I have improved a lot

“I have done the bike test today. I have improved a lot. Watt increase from 210W to 260W and also an increase in pulse from 158 to 164 bpm. The training has given even better result than expected.”
- Tomas Lundberg

Thanks to all your help

It was hell, but a lot lesser of a hell thanks to all your help. Thank you so much for your expertise and time. Invaluable. – The Nyberg Bros
- Eric Nyberg

Real satisfied

First I like to say that I’m real satisfied with your coaching, I have learned a lot. Thank you!
- Andre Sjödin

Tack vare Graeme gick det vägen

Den 19 januari 2011 var dagen som förändrade min träning helt och hållet. Jag träffade Graeme och vi bestämde att han skulle bli min coach. Han frågade om jag åt mycket bröd och pasta (läs, du behöver gå ner i vikt) och sa åt mig att sluta träna halvhårda pass, eller s.k. JRA (Just Riding Around). Träningen ska antingen vara mycket lätt eller mycket hård, slut med mittemellan. Nyheter för mig men det visade sig vara nyckeln till framgång. Mitt mål var att utvecklas som cyklist och jag ville se hur bra jag kunde bli under de förutsättningar jag har med livet i övrigt. Förutom att öka min FTP (Functional Threshold Power) till 300 watt ville jag primärt klara ett stort mål för mig, Vätternrundan under 8 timmar. Tack vare Graeme gick det vägen
- Marcus Matteby
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