Coaching Questions

How Much Do I Need To Train?

Everyone is different and your weekly training can vary dependant on many factors. We specialize in working with both elite and amateur athletes across a range of sports.
Coaching is about developing a coaching plan around you, whether you are a full-time athlete or have little time to train. Our programs are based around your lifestyle, fitness level and goals. Developed to be unique to your situation and to evolve around your fitness and time every week.

If you don’t think you have enough time to train, contact us to have a free consultation and see how Sportcoaching can help you reach your goals with limited time.

What Sports Are Available?

We have a range of coaches specific in numerous sports. The main sports we work with is cycling, mountainbiking, cyclocross, running, ultrarunning and triathlon.

What If I Don’t Race?

Not every athlete has the interest to race or compete in an event. Some of our athletes follow training plans to live a healthier lifestyle and to increase their overall fitness. We provide coaching for people looking to start an exercise plan that is easy to follow and is adjusted to fit within your current lifestyle.

What Is The Refund And Performance Guarantee?

Having a coach is not for everyone, all new athletes to SportCoaching have both a 30-day trial, as well as a performance-based 90-day guarantee. After 30-days you find coaching is not for you, you may cancel your coaching subscription without further obligation.

Our performance-based guarantee provides you as an athlete guaranteed improvement. We are so confident with 20 years coaching that we provide a 90-day money-back guarantee if you see no improvements across your discipline. 90% of the training prescribed to you must be completed green in training peaks to qualify for our performance guarantee.

After 90-days the coaching cancellation fee is one-month coaching payment.

Do I Need A Heart Rate Monitor Or Power Meter?

Our coaches have years of experience coaching with power meters, Heart rate monitors and other tools. However, if you don’t have access to these tools it is still possible for our coaches to build a training program.

We do recommend these training tools, as it helps our coaches better understand you and analyze your workouts. This also allows our coaches to provide the most specific workouts into your training plan.

If you don’t have any training tools and looking to buy, contact one of our coaches and we can help you choose the best training tool suited to you. We have a range of power meters available to our athletes at a discounted price, as well as access to many other training tools.

How Does Online Coaching Work?

Once you have completed our coaching questionnaire, one of our coaches will contact you to book an online meeting. Our coach will then prepare you online training peaks account and begin on your annual training plan. You will receive the first 4 weeks training in training peaks and your program will be updated every 3 weeks (one week in advance).

Once your training plan is ready and you start uploading workouts, your coach will analyze training sessions daily. This analysis will either be discussed via your chosen contact tool or inside the day’s workout comments in trainingpeaks. This will be discussed with the athlete during the initial signup.

Our coaching provides unlimited contact time to help you improve your performance. This allows you to call or contact your coach in regards to future training, current training, events, goals, and race strategy. You will also have access to our online coaching group which allows you to involve yourself with other athletes we coach.

How Does Athlete communication Work?

We offer unlimited contact time with your coach. During the initial signup phase, we discuss the easiest way for you to have access to your coach. Our most common use of this is via Phone, Messenger and WhatsApp. This way you get direct feedback within 60 minutes 7 days a week. You also have access to your coach via email and our coaching group online.

What Happens If I Get Sick Or Injured?

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan. We offer up to 2 months of Medical Pause. This means you will not receive coaching and you will not be billed until your return. Any periods longer the 2 months will need to be discussed with your coach.

How Is The Training Plan Delivered?

All training plans are delivered online free with trainingpeaks. Trainingpeaks is an online platform for coaches to analyze data, setup annual training plans and to connect with athletes like you. This allows you to access your training plan from any computer or mobile device.

All training plans are delivered in 4-week rolling blocks. This allows your coach to constantly make changes to the training plan based on fitness, fatigue, sickness, and lifestyle.

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up for coaching, either pick a training plan here or one of our monthly coaching packages here and fill out the related questions and make your payment. Our coach will contact you within 24hrs to discuss past training, lifestyle and other factors. Our coach will then deliver the annual training plan and first 4 weeks training.

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