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There is no pre made templates here! Our coaching is 100% customized to you and your fitness, lifestyle and goals. With direct access to your own coach we can see every aspect that influences your results.


Our coaching is delivered through Trainingpeaks. This means you have access to your training schedule from any computer or device. You will able to leave comments directly to your coach and upload your training automatically from your training device.


If you are not sure about signing up for a coach, we offer a 60 min free consultation. You can speak freely about your training and even have our coach look over your past training free of charge.


We want you to succeed, that is why you have direct access to our coach 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Through Skype, WhatsApp and various social media platforms, you will get the support you need directly and fast!


Our goal is not only to help you succeed with your training and racing, but to also teach you along the way. This means your workouts descriptions are based around your knowledge. As you increase your knowledge and start to understand the fundamentals of periodization, the workout descriptions become more specific.


Our training zones are based around your current and past data. depending on your sport this can be through a combination of heart rate, speed and/or power. If you don’t have any past data we will test you to set the correct training zones.

Athlete Reviews

Amazing customer service

Graeme was absolutely amazing throughout the whole period of training!
- Aneesh Yellishetty

18 Week Half Marathon Plan

Brought the 18 week half marathon training plan, not only was it built for me but Graeme spent more than 1 hour discussing my previous training and how we could make improvements to it. He then explained in detail what training we should focus on and the results we should expect. Overall super happy and once this training plan is finished I will probably move into monthly coaching with him
- Rickie Wilderman

Couch to 10k

I purchased a couch to 10k training program from SportCoaching and for a newbie like me it is easy to understand and follow. So far I am already halfway through and everything feels great. I highly recommend this plan to all beginner runners.
- John

Graeme is really on top on the game!

Graeme is really on top on the game!! I consider my self as a well educated and self coached athlete, but I have seen significant performance benefits in short time working with Graeme. Looking forward to continue this process!!
- Åge Bunde

Exceptional help for a newbie runner

Exceptional help for a newbie runner like me, not only does sportcoaching help elite athletes but looks after newbie runners like myself and goes above and beyond to see me improve
- Christina Williamsson

Fantastic good Coach

Fantastic good Coach, given me great progress. Highly recommended if you want to make progress.
- Jean Kristin Veibye-Hauge