Running Training Plans


There is no pre made templates here!. Our training plans are 100% customized to your fitness, lifestyle and goals. Each training plan is custom made for you after we have analysed your past training and setup a Skype meeting.


Our training plans are delivered to you through Trainingpeaks. This means you have access to your training from any device or computer. You will able to easily access your workouts and track your progress along the way.


All our training plans come with a free 60 min consultation. This allows us to understand your lifestyle better and look at your past training before we develop the training plan for you. You can speak freely about your past training and your results, while our coach looks over your past training free of charge.


We offer follow up support when purchasing a training plan from us. This means if there are certain parts of the training plan you don’t understand, our coach is just an email away. We do not provide feed back or make adjustments to these training plans. For that, please go to our monthly coaching service.


Our training plans are developed with your knowledge in mind. If you are a beginner, workout descriptions are kept simple and easy to understand. If you are more experienced, the workouts are then more descriptive. We custom these to each individual.


We set your heart rate, power or speed zones for the plan based on your past workout data. If you do not have any data available for us, we test at the beginning of the schedule to set the correct training zones. These training zones will then be set as heart rate, power, speed or RPE. This depends on your knowledge, experience and devices you are using.

Athlete Reviews


Training on my own led to burnout and inconsistency. Having a running coach has provided me with a sense of accountability and a well-rounded approach to training. The mix of workouts keeps things interesting, and the results speak for themselves.
- David Smith

Great Coach

I've always been a casual runner, but I wanted to take my training to the next level. My running coach helped me set clear goals and structured workouts that pushed my limits while keeping me injury-free. The progress I've made in just a few months is astonishing.
- Michael Johnson


Working with my running coach has been a game-changer for me. With personalized training plans and expert guidance, I've seen remarkable improvements in my speed and endurance. I never thought I could enjoy running this much!
- Sarah Thompson

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