Duration: 32 Weeks
Level:  Beginner
Training Zones: Heart Rate / RPE
Training hours: This is customised to each person during the free 60 min consultation



Embark on an extraordinary transformation from couch to confident ultra runner with our comprehensive 32-Week Couch to 50K Running Training Plan. This plan is thoughtfully crafted for individuals who are new to ultra running, providing the structure, guidance, and support you need to conquer the challenging 50K distance.

Tailored for beginners, our plan starts with foundational training, gradually building your endurance and mental resilience. With carefully curated workouts and gradual progressions, you’ll be amazed at the progress you’ll make on your journey to completing a 50K ultra race.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment as you cross the 50K finish line, knowing you’ve transformed from a beginner to an ultra marathon finisher. Our plan turns that dream into reality. With structured routines, strategic long runs, and expert guidance, you’ll be fully prepared to overcome the unique challenges of ultra marathon racing.

This plan isn’t just about running extraordinary distances; it’s about embracing a journey that will redefine your limits and showcase your inner strength. Whether you’re a recreational runner looking to tackle a new challenge or someone with the audacious goal of completing a 50K ultra race, our 32-Week Couch to 50K Running Training Plan is your ultimate tool for success. Start your ultra journey today – purchase now and embark on a transformation that will reshape your perspective on what’s possible.



If you are looking to get off the couch and run 50km from complete zero, this is your plan. From start to finish we customize a 32-week training plan that can get you to the start line injury-free and healthy. Focusing slowly on building up your running, the training plan is safe for the complete newbie and perfect for those who have no experience in running. The plan is customized for only you and delivered only after a personal consultation with our coach.


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Unlock the power of personalized training with our offerings. Each of our training plans comes with a complimentary 60-minute consultation with our dedicated running coach. This initial conversation sets the stage for a journey tailored to your needs. By taking into account your fitness level and lifestyle, our coach creates a schedule that’s uniquely yours.

Paid plans take customization to the next level. They’re meticulously crafted to cater to your individual goals and requirements. This means your training isn’t a generic template – it’s a plan built around you. Whether you’re striving for a marathon PR or aiming to complete your first 5K, our approach ensures that every step you take is optimized for your success.

Athlete Reviews

Graeme is awesome

Working with Graeme has been great. He has refined my technique and boosted my confidence. From open-water swim drills to mastering brick workouts, his guidance has taken me from a recreational athlete to a podium contender.
- John Harris


Training on my own led to burnout and inconsistency. Having a running coach has provided me with a sense of accountability and a well-rounded approach to training. The mix of workouts keeps things interesting, and the results speak for themselves.
- David Smith

Great Coach

I've always been a casual runner, but I wanted to take my training to the next level. My running coach helped me set clear goals and structured workouts that pushed my limits while keeping me injury-free. The progress I've made in just a few months is astonishing.
- Michael Johnson