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Our triathlon coach helps you to improve your Ironman time, increase your speed over the Olympic distance or help you enter your first event. Whether you are aiming for a half ironman event or your first Ironman, our triathlon coaching will help you get there in the best possible shape.


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Nearly all triathlon coaches haven limited contact time. We are different by allowing unlimited contact 7 days a week. We believe that with that support we can help you reach greater results.


We structure our training plans with Trainingpeaks. This means you can access you training plan from any computer or phone anywhere in the world. Login, see your training and upload your data. It’s that easy!


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Training Plans

Sometimes people don’t want or need a monthly coach. That is why we have a range of triathlon training programs for a range of distances and events. These triathlon training programs are custom made for you like our monthly service, just without the follow up!


We provide a online triathlon training plan that is designed for you and your lifestyle, that is adjusted constantly around your improvements.


Constant Feedback of your triathlon coach 7 days a week. Also daily analysis of your running, cycling and swimming. Providing feedback as much as you need


We work with 7 days a week contact time, to help you get the best out of your training. We are available through different channels every day for our athletes.

Trusted by over 400 Worldwide Athletes


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From beginner to elite triathletes. We have provided hundreds of triathletes online triathlon training plans. We specialize in triathlon coaching programs using Heart rate, Speed and Power-based training while finding the balance between your lifestyle and goals.


We coach all types of athletes to all types of triathlon events around the world. We help structure and coach you to your first Ironman or set a new personal best over the half ironman distance.



If you become injured, sick or lifestyle changes take place, your triathlon coach will update your schedule within 24hrs.


If you don’t see an improvement within 90 days or if coaching isn’t right for you, we offer a 30-day refund and 90-day performance-based refund*


All triathlon plans as well as running, swimming and cycling workouts are delivered through trainingpeaks, which allow us to track and analyze your progress.

Athlete Reviews

Choosing Sportcoaching

Choosing Sportcoaching has been one of the best things I have done for my triathlon since I started 5 years ago. When I was training myself I was always fighting injuries and overtraining. Now I have been injury-free for 6 months and already seen a marked improvement over my running and cycling results
- Phil Jones

Sportcoaching provides very structured training

Sportcoaching provides very structured training plans and has helped me to some great personal best times this year. I also used Graeme's training to help me finish my first Ironman this year. He helps me take the guesswork out of training and is always available whenever I ask a question. Highly recommended.
- Keith Hollar

Very much appreciate the time and help

Graeme brakes down the training in a simple and understandable way. For a newbie into triathlon like me, this is super important. He introduced me to training with power and has also taken his time to teach me how to understand the data correctly. He is constantly available no matter the time and has really helped me improve already in such a short period. Very much appreciate the time and help he has given me.
- Steve Campbell

Training plan has worked brilliantly!

I have been working with Graeme and Sport coaching for the past one year. His training plan has worked brilliantly and I find it much easier to fit the training around my life. I have seen a drop in my ironman time from 11hrs15mins to 9hrs55min and next year hoping to improve even more.
- Martin Smith

After some years with triathlon

After some years with triathlon training and Ironman races, my development plateaued and i contacted sportcoaching for some help. Just two months in to the program i managed to raise my bike FTP and it has continously improved since. I have learned so much regarding training progression, what to train when and race pacing, importance of nutrition etc etc. Highly recommended!
- Magnus Mange

Great coach

Great coach, responsive and knowledgeble. Had Graeme as a coach for a couple of years and my performance kept getting better and better. He was quick responding on my questions and altering my training set up due to how my life was at the time. He is giving you feed back regulary on your training sessions and always listening to you and your body, both what you say and what the Numbers are saying. I can highly recommend Graeme as a coach!
- Jon Hedlund
Triathlon Coaching
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