Hill climbing

Special Cycling Disciplines

Hill Climbing We all want to be better climbers and there are countless sessions that you can practice to maximize your performance. Whatever you do, it will be painful — hills certainly hurt. Many events we ride include hills and being able to stay with attacks or indeed initiate...

cycling clothing guide

Cycling Clothing Guide

With the wide, competitively priced range of clothing available on the market today, cyclists have never had it so good. Ensure whatever you wear fits snugly but not too tightly.  Summer Cycling Helmet Helmets are compulsory for all UK road races but really should be worn at...

Training Ride Drills for cycling

The following cycling techniques and drills can be incorporated into training rides to help develop and improve road bike handling skills. They are grouped by techniques to apply, and specific drills to practice, during a ride. Be careful when performing these drills, and practice within...

cycling training

Cycling training to get you started

Cycling training, what does it take to be successful? And what is required? These are often questions you get as a coach.Many people are stuck in the old ways of long and low-intensity rides. They want to improve their performance, but in reality, they don't...

cycle training

Cycle training with RPE for Beginners

Cycle training is continuously evolving, and we consistently see a diverse range of levels come through our coaching program.Teaching the beginner cyclist to understand the fundamentals of cycle training is just as important as the elite riders and sport science. Cycling training doesn't need to...

cycling coach

Do you need a cycling coach?

If you are looking to improve your performance or trying to adapt your training around your lifestyle, a cycling coach can help you in many ways.With the cycling season in Europe coming to an end, it is the time now to look over your training....

Cycling intervals

Cycling intervals for hill climbing

When you want to become a fitter, stronger cyclist adding hill cycling intervals to your plan are a sure way of enhancing your performance.To be a faster climber, first, you need to be able to increase your maximum sustainable power. Doing so increases your ability...

speed training plan

Speed training program for cycling

As we get older, many cyclists drift towards a steady-state speed, focusing on a speed training program for four weeks can help solve this issue.Commonly, these types of cyclists spend too much time training at one speed. Doing so affects your ability to accelerate, meaning...

cycling nutrition

Cycling nutrition while riding

While most cyclists focus mostly on the training aspect of riding a bike, cycling nutrition is typically an afterthought. Our body can store up to 400-500 grams of glycogen, which is then used to propel us forward.Cycling nutrition is not only about on the bike,...

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