cycling coach

Do you need a cycling coach?

If you are looking to improve your performance or trying to adapt your training around your lifestyle, a cycling coach can help you in many ways.With the cycling season in Europe coming to an end, it is the time now to look over your training....

Cycling intervals

Cycling intervals for hill climbing

When you want to become a fitter, stronger cyclist adding hill cycling intervals to your plan are a sure way of enhancing your performance.To be a faster climber, first, you need to be able to increase your maximum sustainable power. Doing so increases your ability...

speed training plan

Speed training program for cycling

As we get older, many cyclists drift towards a steady-state speed, focusing on a speed training program for four weeks can help solve this issue.Commonly, these types of cyclists spend too much time training at one speed. Doing so affects your ability to accelerate, meaning...

cycling nutrition

Cycling nutrition while riding

While most cyclists focus mostly on the training aspect of riding a bike, cycling nutrition is typically an afterthought. Our body can store up to 400-500 grams of glycogen, which is then used to propel us forward.Cycling nutrition is not only about on the bike,...

bike training

Bike training for the beginner

Bike training for the beginner is all about time spent on the bike, although there are many things along the way you should take note of.  Getting Started with your Bike Training  1. Get a Bikefit - Optimizing your position helps you sit comfortably and reduces the...

criterium training plan

Criterium Training

Criterium training and racing is about attacking corners rapidly and forcefully through multiple corners. These races are raced around a 1-2km circuit and not a road race. Criteriums focus you on keeping your line and making you sprint hard in and out of every corner.  Criterium...

endurance cycling

Endurance Cycling for Beginners

Training for endurance cycling is lots of long rides. On paper, this makes sense, but in practice, it isn’t the most effective way for your endurance training plan. A targeted approach will improve your endurance cycling faster than long steady endurance rides. You need high...

Time Trial Training

Cycling Time Trial Training

For most people, time trial training involves lots of intervals and long riding. But how do we perform at our optimal performance in a 40km time trial? Even though a 40km time trial is one long sustained effort, training for a time trial is anything...

lake taupo cycling training plan

Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge Training

Your Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge training plan should be in full swing now. With only some months to go until the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. You should be preparing yourself to finish the event for the first time or look to set a new personal best...

srm pc8 headunit

Powermeter head unit from SRM

We all love power meters and training with a power meter. With so many different units available, from single-sided to dual-sided, crank-based and pedal-based systems, the list goes on.  What About Power Meter Head Units? While in the early years Polar seemed to have the majority of...

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