running motivation

Running Motivation

Levels of running motivation are constantly in flux, sometimes people are so motivated that they tend to overtrain. Whilst, when things are not going so well, runners often struggle to motivate themselves to get out the door. I suspect most of you can relate to...

Winter running clothing and gear

Winter Running Clothing Tips

On a cold winter day, having the correct winter running clothing can make your outdoor running much more enjoyable. The most important thing about proper winter running gear is to dress in layers. There's no one bulk jacket or pants that will satisfy all types of...

Best running shoes for narrow feet

Best running shoes for narrow feet

Running shoes manufacturers normally categorize the shoes they make into various sizes. All you will be required to do then is simply choose the one that fits your foot size and shape. If the size of your feet does not fall into the average category,...

Best Running Shoes for Metatarsal Pain

Best Running Shoes for Metatarsal Pain

For every athlete, investing in the right gear should always be a priority. In this case, it includes getting the right shoes which have been designed for metatarsal. Metatarsal is a common disease syndrome experienced by people on their feet. It is a condition that...

Best running shoes for heel pain

Best running shoes for heel pain

As a runner, you would always want to be fit with no injury all year round. Yes, we all wish we could but there are some injuries that we might not be able to run away from. An injury such as the heel spur or...

10k training

10k training guide

Are you an athlete or a runner who just finished a 5k and looking to challenge yourself over a longer distance? This article might help you with the 6 weeks 10k training plan and help get you fit. This can help provide beginners the endurance needed...

running injury

Most Common Runners Overuse Injuries

Most veteran runners have suffered from a running injury at some point in their lives. Depending on how bad the injury is, you might feel an annoying pain that you can run through, or the injury could keep you from running for months.  Running through the...

5k run tips

5k run tips for the beginner

There are so many training plans promising to get you ready to run your first or fastest 5K that who knows where to start. Some plans call for you to run 3 days a week while others want you hitting the pavement 5 days a...

Shin splints

Shin splits – How to run with them?

Whether you are a beginner or experienced runner, at some point, you have experienced shin splints. Many runners are looking at ways to know how to run with shin splints. This article will open your eyes to the cause, treatment, and preventive measures to take...

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