interval running

Interval running for beginners

Interval running for beginners requires alternating periods of running and walking or in the running circle, recovery jogging. Interval running can increase your performance and speed, while for beginners, you can use such a session to introduce yourself to running.If you are a beginner starting...

how to improve running cadence

how to improve running cadence

Many runners are looking at how to improve running cadence. Not only to increase their speed but also to help prevent injuries. Running cadence or known as stride frequency or running stride is an important part of your running training plan.Typically the slower and beginner...

running fast over 50

Running fast over 50

This day and age with the knowledge we have of training principles, running fast over 50 is still possible. While most people at this age don't feel this way, there are many tips and tricks to help you to run your best at 50.Below are...

100km ultramarathon training plan

100km ultramarathon training plan

If you are looking to complete over the 100km distance, a 100km ultramarathon training plan is essential. Deciding to run a 100km event takes planning and preparation. So putting together to your 100km ultramarathon training plan takes time. Because of this, we have provided some...

types of running

Types of running workouts for beginners

There are multiple types of running workouts and different names to each of them. With numerous variations to each type of running session, this helps to make up a large part of any training schedule. This means every person can implement these workouts into a...

how to start running

Tips to Start Running

Everyone needs, at some point, some tips to start running. People go through periods in their life when they aren't as fit as they used to be. Whether this is due to illness, childbirth, or just everyday life itself, there are plenty of tips to...

running makes you happier

Running makes you Happier

Running makes you happier is a common saying between athletes. After that long Sunday run, it is usual that you can feel those endorphins kick in. That is why running makes you happier; in the runner's circle, we call this the "runners high".It is well...

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