Energy management in triathlon

Energy management in triathlon

One of the key performance factors in any endurance sport is the athlete's ability to manage the energy at his disposal to keep running, swimming or pedaling at a good pace from the start to the finish line. How do you get a good pace...

10k training

10k training guide

Are you an athlete or a runner who just finished a 5k and looking to challenge yourself over a longer distance? This article might help you with the 6 weeks 10k training plan and help get you fit. This can help provide beginners the endurance needed...

Training Ride Drills for cycling

The following cycling techniques and drills can be incorporated into training rides to help develop and improve road bike handling skills. They are grouped by techniques to apply, and specific drills to practice, during a ride. Be careful when performing these drills, and practice within...

5k run tips

5k run tips for the beginner

There are so many training plans promising to get you ready to run your first or fastest 5K that who knows where to start. Some plans call for you to run 3 days a week while others want you hitting the pavement 5 days a...

Shin splints

Shin splits – How to run with them?

Whether you are a beginner or experienced runner, at some point, you have experienced shin splints. Many runners are looking at ways to know how to run with shin splints. This article will open your eyes to the cause, treatment, and preventive measures to take...

cycling training

Cycling training to get you started

Cycling training, what does it take to be successful? And what is required? These are often questions you get as a coach.Many people are stuck in the old ways of long and low-intensity rides. They want to improve their performance, but in reality, they don't...

treadmill running

Treadmill running benefits your training

Treadmill running is not only limited to the dedicated runner, but it can for most people produce the best results in the least amount of time. Since most people are limited on time, more and more people are using treadmills as a form of training.While...

trail running for the beginner

Trail running for the beginner

Trail runners often share common traits, and this includes a desire for adventure and challenge that trail running provides. Most runners that try trail running are hooked almost immediately. Why? Because trail running is an activity that can be run on any trail. While during...

80/20 training triathlon

Is 80/20 training the new way forward?

Only recently, science has provided in-depth knowledge of the benefits of 80/20 triathlon training. Stephen Seiler, an American exercise physiologist, made the vital discovery of the 80/20 training principles for endurance sports.Seiler analyzed training methods used by world-class endurance athletes. The research found that 80%...

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