How To Jump Rope

How To Jump Rope Like A Boxer & See The Benefits

When it comes to boxing training, there is one workout that sticks with you and that is the jump rope.

Jump rope is a big part of every boxer’s training. Boxers like Manny Pacquiao, Gervonta Davis, Tyson Fury, and Josh Taylor all use a jump rope in their training, and for a good reason.

Jump rope helps build bone density and improves leg speed, reaction time, coordination, and agility. It also helps build cardiovascular fitness, hence why it’s a staple in most boxer’s training.

In this article we cover how to jump rope like a boxer and show you the benefits of jump rope so you can implement this form of training into your gym routine.


Benefits Of Jump Rope

The benefits of jump rope don’t just benefit boxers, it can benefit everyone that wants to improve their fitness, agility and coordination.

Jump rope is a full-body workout that strengthens the lower leg muscles, core and arms. It also helps you to burn calories and support weight loss.

Because jump rope only needs a pair of sneakers and a skipping rope, it is one of the most widely available exercises. There is no need for a gym or any special equipment, and most importantly, the investment is small.

Some of the benefits to doing jump rope regularly include:

– Improvement of cardiovascular fitness
– Strengthens your muscles
– Improves coordination and agility
– Builds stronger bones
– Helps improve balance
– Increases mobility of the shoulders
– Increases weight loss

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Other benefits of jump rope include using it as a form of warm-up. Since jump rope raises your heart rate quickly and uses the whole body, it is a great way to get the blood flowing and heart pumping before more strenuous exercising. It can also help to improve mobility before more intense cardio workouts.

How To Choose A Jump Rope?

The first step when starting is knowing how to choose a jump rope, and there are two big considerations you need to know before purchasing one. These include the type and length of the jump rope.

Length of the jump rope

Jump ropes comes in many different sizes. The right length of depends on your height and your ability to perform jump rope.

Choosing a rope that is too long will create more tangles, snag and become less aerodynamic. If you find the rope is constantly hitting the ground when you jump, it is probably too long for you. At the same time, if the rope is too short, you may find your upper body compressed, giving you a feeling of being hunched up.

To find the perfect length, first start by placing one foot on the middle of the jump rope. Then pull both handles to the side of your body (make sure the rope is straight and taut). A beginner will need the handles to reach the shoulders, while a more experienced person can choose a jump rope that reach their underarm or upper chest.

Picking a shorten rope when your more experienced can help enhance the benefits of jump rope. It can also dramatically increase the rotational speed while jumping.

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Generally for most people, you will need a foot of clearance between the rope and head when jumping. It should also graze the ground as it passes under your feet, rather than slamming against the ground as it passes under your feet.

How To Jump Rope Like A Boxer

How To Jump Rope Like A Boxer?

If you want to learn how to jump rope like a boxer, you must have the correct posture. Posture greatly affects your jumping performance and speed. It can also help make you more efficient so you can perform it for longer.

Some of the biggest mistakes beginners make include using their arms too much. Instead, make sure you use your wrists more. You don’t want your arms doing majority of the work, as the wrists should be doing most of the action.

The second mistake is jumping too high. Doing so creates a lot of impact on the lower legs and fatigues the muscles quicker. Instead, focus on jumping 1.5-2cm off the ground. Generally, the height you should jump is enough for the rope to pass under your feet and no more.

To learn how to jump rope like a boxer, make sure you focus on your technique by doing the following:

– Keep your back straight
– Make sure your eyes look ahead
– Your grip should be firm but relaxed
– Elbows should be close to your side
– Thumb positioned on top of the handle
– Handles should be parallel to the floor
– Feet should be together but not touching
– Knees should be slightly bent
– You should be landing on the balls of your feet

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Best Jump Rope Workouts

Most people stay clear of jump rope because they feel its monotonous. However, there are many different jump rope workouts you can perform to break up the monotony of just skipping.

First is the two basic jumps called the bounce step and alternative foot step. These are the first two jump rope exercises you should learn. Once you master these two jumps, you can start moving into more difficult jump rope workouts like:

Boxer’s skip
The boxer’s skip is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, as it allows you to jump for longer without getting fatigued. It also helps reduce impact in the lower legs. Other jump rope workouts that you can progress to include:

High knees
Skier Jump
Foot cross
Bell jump
Backward jump
Side swing

With most of the above exercises you can create variation, where you swing the rope two or more times under the feet instead of once, which can help make the above jumps more intense. You can also put these various jumps together to create different sets.

However, learning all these techniques and putting them together into different rhythmic progressions will take time and patience. So, take your time, focus on learning the correct technique and slowly progress into harder jump rope workouts.

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