How To Get Smaller Thighs?

How To Get Smaller Thighs & Skinnier Legs – A Complete Guide

There can be many reasons why you want smaller thighs or skinnier legs. You may be a runner who wants to lose weight to increase performance, a cyclist who wants to ride up hills faster, or a person that wants more defined legs. Either way, it is impossible to lose weight in one specific area.

This article is dedicated to helping those people who want to get smaller thighs or skinnier legs.

We discuss the best forms of cardio to help you decrease the size of your legs, as well as explain why your legs are so fat.

So, keep reading if you want to learn more.

Why Are My Legs So Fat?

Before we dive into how to get skinnier legs, you first must understand why your legs are bigger than you want them to be.

First, you need to understand that it is normal to have body fat. The average male has around 18 to 25% body fat, while the female has between 25 and 31 percent fat.

Generally, this percentage of body fat is distributed evenly. However, that doesn’t mean you will have more fat in certain places than others, for example, the thighs, legs, or buttocks.

For most people, this is caused by genetics. However, for some people (women), it can be caused by estrogen. This hormone helps increase the fat cells around the buttocks and thighs.

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For others, it may be caused by the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a network of vessels that drain fluid from tissues and help fight infection.

Sometimes, when fluid isn’t drained correctly, it can cause the legs, ankles, or feet to swell. This is called oedema, and may cause your legs to look bigger than they normally are.

Another cause of fat legs is your diet and exercise regime. Sometimes when you don’t exercise enough or eat poorly, you may put excess weight on. For some people, this extra weight ends up being located on the leg and buttock region and not just the stomach or face.

How To Get Skinny Legs Without Building Muscle?

How To Get Skinny Legs Without Building Muscle?

If you want to know how to get skinny legs without building muscle, you first need to stay away from weight training. Weight training promotes muscle growth, and if your goal is to slim down your legs, you should be focusing on low to moderate cardio exercises instead.

Cardio, such as running, cycling, rowing, and walking, are the best ways to make your legs look skinnier. These forms of exercise help to skim down the legs without putting on muscle mass. While running, cycling and rowing will still build muscle. You won’t end up with large muscle mass growth as you do when lifting weights.

Other ways to get skinnier legs include eating a calorie deficit diet. This calorie deficit diet should combine a reduction of carbohydrates and a reduction of calories. By combining both together, you will lose added fat. However, this may not come from your legs in the beginning. But over time you will see some weight loss in your legs.

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Best Exercise For Slimming Down Legs

Best Exercise For Slimming Down Legs

If you are looking for the best exercise to slim down your legs, you can’t go past walking. Walking is a great way to lose fat around the legs and improve basic cardiovascular fitness.

It can be done daily and incorporated into your regular routine without much thinking.

However, other exercises at low to moderate intensity include running. Running can help slim down the legs much faster than walking.

Running is one of the best forms of exercise to lose weight and not just around the legs. However, if you struggle to run, think about cycling instead. Cycling is another form of exercise that can promote weight loss, especially around the lower body, since it is a low to moderate intensity for most people.

Regardless of the exercise, you do. You still need to control what you eat. That means reducing calorie intake while performing low to moderate exercises, such as walking, running, or cycling.


How To Get Slim Legs the Correct Way?

To get slim legs the right way, it is important to:

– Make sure you are doing cardio on a flat surface. This helps to reduce the muscle growth in your quadriceps, which causes bulkiness.

– Avoid weight lifting, incline walking, and running up hills. While this may burn more calories, you will increase the muscle mass of your buttocks and thighs.

– Overeating, especially with protein and carbohydrates. Make sure you reduce calorie intake if your goal is to get skinnier legs.

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– Prevent yourself from pushing large gears if you are using cycling as a form of low to moderate-intensity exercise.

Generally, keeping within your fat-burning zone (60-70% of your maximum heart rate) is the best way to get smaller thighs and skinnier legs.

If you know your maximum heart rate, you can calculate the intensity by the formula below:

– Maximum heart rate x 0.6 (60%)
– Maximum heart rate x 0.7 (70%)

Alternatively, reach out to a personal trainer or running coach. They can help prescribe the right training program to help reduce the size of your legs.

Hopefully this article helps you learn How To Get Smaller Thighs or skinnier legs. Remember everything takes time and consistency. If you keep working at it you will reach your goals in no time!

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