What Are The Different Types of Lifting Belts

What Are The Different Types of Lifting Belts?

Upon walking into any weightlifting gym and most commercial ones, you will see many people wearing belts around their waists and tightening them up as they go into a lift. As a beginner or even intermediate lifter who’s never cared about lifting heavy weights, it’s...

Squats Vs Leg Extensions

Squats Vs Leg Extensions: Which Is The Best

Among the various leg exercises, two commonly practiced ones include the leg extension and the traditional barbell back squat, commonly known simply as the "squat." Although these exercises differ significantly in terms of muscle group engagement, intensity, training impact, and equipment utilization, they are occasionally juxtaposed...

How To Lose Fat With Strength Training

How To Lose Fat With Strength Training: A Complete Guide

While cardio takes the lead in fat burn discussions, weight training stands as a compelling alternative, thanks to Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), which sustains an elevated metabolism post-exercise. If you're contemplating embarking on a journey of strength training for fat loss, a well-designed program...

How Quickly Can You See Results From Working Out

How Quickly Can You See Results From Working Out?

The anticipation can be challenging. Commencing a new workout routine often comes with a desire for immediate results. However, the transformation of body statistics, including heart rate, VO2 max, and weight, tracked on devices like the Apple Watch may require some patience. The question arises:...

Does The Gym Increase Testosterone

Does The Gym Increase Testosterone?

Exercise and gym plays a pivotal role in influencing testosterone levels, but the impact varies depending on the type of exercise you engage in and your biological sex. If you're aiming to boost your testosterone levels, it's essential to consider the specific exercises that can...

Leg Exercises for People With Knee Pain

4 Great Leg Exercises for People With Knee Pain

By dedicating time to enhance the muscles surrounding your knee, you can prevent the emergence of many minor discomforts that can accumulate over time. This will enable you to partake in your beloved daily activities without experiencing pain or discomfort. These exercises are designed to fortify...