Ectomorph Transformation

Ectomorph Transformation – UPDATED 2022 – A Complete Guide

Do you have a long and lean look? Do you seem to find it harder to put on weight and muscle than your peers? We all have different body types, but did you know there are three main categories that we all tend to fall under. An ectomorph is where the body is thin and can have greater difficulty in building both muscle and fat.

People with this body type tend to be lean/skinny and have a high metabolism. If ectomorphs overeat without doing appropriate workouts, the fat tends to be around their belly rather than in other body parts. They can be known as a ‘hard gainer’ because of the extra difficulty in building muscle, but with our ectomorph transformation guide we make it easy for you to learn.


Ectomorph Transformation – A Complete Guide

If you want to be toned or build muscle as an ectomorph it can be more difficult to add on weight. However, it isn’t impossible! You simply need to make the most of your body type characteristics and be consistent with a workout and routine. It may take a bit longer to see results, but ectomorphs can have a fantastic physique. Ectomorphs tend to have good endurance which can suit cardio activities. However, the focus should be on weight lifting as this is the key to increase muscle growth. It is a good idea to keep cardio limited to 30 minutes 3 times a week.

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In this article, we’ll be going through the type of exercises to focus on and how to make sure your diet is in check.

Ectomorph Workout Plan

Ectomorph Workout Plan – Getting Started

If you’re new to training, then we have the perfect ectomorph working plan that is ideal for beginners and those with more experience. Some of the most common mistakes that ectomorphs make is not having a diverse enough workout plan, not getting enough sleep, overtraining and not having a specific goal in place. This workout is easy to follow and it will help you get the results you need.

You will need to choose a main chest exercise, main back exercise and a main leg exercise. You can then mix them up for a routine.

Main Exercises: Chest
Incline Bench Press
Bench Press
DB Chest Press
Decline Bench Press
DB Decline Chest Press
DB Incline Chest Press

Main Exercises: Legs
Hack Squat
Stiff-Leg Deadlift
Front Squat
Back Squat
Goblet Squat

Main Exercises: Back
Barbell Bent Over Rows
DB Single Arm Row
Barbell Deadlift
Barbell Sumo Deadlift

You can supplement these main exercises with isolation exercises depending on which muscle groups require the most work.

Isolation Exercises
Standing Shoulder Press
Prone Leg Curls
Walking Lunges
Tricep Rope Pull-Down
Calf Raises
Barbell Curls
Decline Sit-Ups
Hanging Knee Raises
Ab Wheel
Preacher Curls

Aim for 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps. Make sure you eat or drink some protein and carbohydrates around 30-60 minutes before exercise. Ectomorphs tend to get tired more easily which means you require the extra energy to make the most of the workout. Don’t forget to keep up your hydration during the workout. You should then have a post workout meal around an hour later. This will give your muscles the nutrition they need to repair and rebuild.

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Best Ectomorph Workout For Females

The workout requirements can differ depending on gender, and if you’re a female you can follow this modified workout that will help you hit your goals.

Day 1: Leg day #1 (focused on quads) + 20 min HIIT
Day 2: Back + Core
Day 3: Shoulders + Core
Day 4: Leg day (focused on hamstrings and glutes) + 20 min HIIT
Day 5: Arm/chest day + Core

This workout will help you achieve a more defined, curvy and toned look.

Famous Celebrity Ectomorphs

There are many examples of famous celebrity ectomorphs. In fact, models tend to have ectomorph characteristics. They tend to have thin and long bodies with thinner bones, smaller joints and longer limbs. Examples of famous male ectomorphs are Matthew McConaughey, Bradley Cooper and Toby McGuire. There are also some famous females who have an ectomorph body including Kate Moss, Natalie Portman, Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton and Cameron Diaz.


Why Ectomorphs Have The Best Body?

Although, some can see being an ectomorph as less than ideal. There are aspects of the body type that make it ideal. You have more choices in what you can eat without gaining significant weight. For example, you can eat more junk food than people with other body types. Additionally, it can be easier to get a visible six pack and it can be easier to get a shredded body.

So make the most of it, and get involved in our workouts to reap the full potential of your body type!

Best Diet for Ectomorph Transformation

Best Diet for Ectomorph Transformation

As well as exercises, diet is very important for an ectomorph. The fast metabolism means that it is harder for an ectomorph to gain serious weight. Additionally, gaining weight too quickly can lead to fat in the stomach area rather than being evenly distributed. Also, metabolism usually catches up which means you should plan ahead with a healthy diet otherwise you risk getting unhealthy levels of body fat in your later years.

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Aim for 50/60% of your calories to come from carbohydrates, 25% from protein and 25% from healthy fats. Eat regular meals and ensure you are on a caloric surplus. This means intaking around 250-500 calories above your maintenance. In general, ectomorphs need more calories and more carbohydrates than those with other body types. Make sure your diet is packed with fruits, vegetables and nutrient dense snacks such as nuts and seeds. Many ectomorphs fall into the trap of eating anything regardless of how unhealthy it is. But, remember that your fast metabolism won’t be around forever.


Ectomorph Transformation – Closing Thoughts

Remember that you can’t expect results overnight. Consistency is key for any workout routine, but even more important for ectomorphs who tend to be ‘hard gainers’. If you keep your diet in check and lift heavy, then you will see slow and steady results. We wish you the best in your ectomorph transformation in 2022.

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