Shrink Wrap Effect

Shrink Wrap Effect – Diet Plan, Weight Loss & More!

Sometimes it’s hard to put into words your ideal figure. When someone asks what you’re aiming for with your diet plan, it’s easy enough to show them, but hard to describe how it looks and why.

As weird as it may sound, the shrink wrap effect is one of the most desirable body types; but the only way to effectively describe it is by saying it looks like your abdomen has been put in shrink wrap.

So, what exactly is the shrink wrap effect? And how can you get this effect through your diet and a shrink wrap workout? This guide will give you the answers and an explanation.


Shrink Wrap Effect – A Complete Guide

The shrink wrap-effect could mean anything when hearing it described but not seeing what it looks like. Ok, so you probably already know what shrink wrap is. The kind of stuff they use to wrap food, products, or other things in to cover them while keeping a low profile.

When you see something that’s been covered by shrink wrap, it has all of its defining features but is just covered lightly by something. It looks tight and compact…that’s kind of what the shrink wrap effect figure is.

The shrink wrap effect refers to the lean, skinny build which has defined abs. It’s kind of similar to the ottermode body, except there is much more definition in the abdominal area and a little bit in other muscles.

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Why is it called the shrink wrap effect? It might sound a little grim but think of the skin on this body type as the shrink wrap. It tightly compresses the abs and other muscles so that you can still see their definition, but the rest of the body is slim and lean.


Shrink Wrap Effect – Before & After

When aiming for a specific body type, it’s usually okay to start from any weight – it sometimes just means that there will be more effort to get the desired effect.

However, one thing to bear in mind for the shrink wrap effect is that this is a lean body type, so you’ll need to be lean before starting the shrink wrap diet and workout.

If you’re looking for evidence of a before and after effect, there are actually some celebrity figures you can look to. Ryan Reynolds transformed from kind of chubby sweetheart to shrink-wrap, and toned heartthrob.

There’s also Daniel Craig, Taylor Lautner, and Brad Pitt who have this figure – they all probably started their shrink wrap journey from different places, but they were able to achieve a transformation into the shrink wrap effect body through dedication and hard work.

And don’t worry – you don’t need access to the best gyms, best personal trainers, or boatloads of money to get the shrink wrap body effect. You just need to follow the diet and workout plan and have the ethic to succeed.

Shrink Wrap Effect Diet Plan

Shrink Wrap Effect Diet Plan

The shrink wrap effect, like most body and fitness goals, is achieved through a strict diet plan and good eating habits, with a recommended workout that will give you the muscle definition associated with the body type.

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To achieve the effect, you will be following the shrink wrap diet plan, and supplementing it with workouts to achieve that “washboard abs” look.

The core points of the shrink wrap diet plans are as follows:

– Start with low body fat percentage
– Count your calories
– Avoid common intolerances
– Including milk, eggs, wheat, and gluten
– Eat healthy, non-fatty carbs
– Drink lots of water
– Eat lots of salt

Shrink Wrap Weight Loss

Shrink Wrap Weight Loss

Let’s understand something about the shrink wrap effect: shrink wrap weight loss is not a thing. The plan is designed to give you a specific effect with your abs and muscles, making you have defined muscles, but still athletic.

Doing the shrink wrap workout plan exercises and following the diet will have a small impact on your body weight if you’re at a high fat percentage…but it will be much less efficient than following a plan that is designed for weight loss.

To get the best effects from the shrink wrap plan, you’ll want to be at a lean weight. Luckily, there are hundreds of workouts and diet plans you can follow to cut your body weight, while also preparing your body for building muscle.

The shrink wrap plan is going to have the best effects if you’re starting from a skinny, kind of scrawny build. You might have been told that building muscle from this point is difficult as there’s less ‘bulk’ to work with – this is a common, but untrue myth.

Understanding Body Shrink Wrap

Even after learning about the shrink wrap figure, it’s hard to see how and why this is a desirable figure, and you might still be confused about what’s so appealing about looking like your body has been shrink wrapped.

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Understanding body shrink wrap is something that’s only possible if you look at the figure – names aside, it’s a popular body type that men aspire to, and women find attractive (plenty of men also find it attractive too!).

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that body shrink wrap is a different thing to the shrink wrap effect. Body shrink wrap is where you literally wrap yourself in shrink wrap, or another tight material that’s designed to bind your stomach and make burning fat in this area easier.

There are mixed results on whether this is effective or not, and if you’re going to try it then it’s recommended to not use the industrial grade shrink wrap, but instead a torque-like product that’s elasticated, and safe for use on skin.


Shrink Wrap Effect – Closing Thoughts

The shrink wrap effect for your body is something that sounds strange but is surprisingly accurate; and the truth behind its name is a popular and desirable physique that’s achievable with effort and with proper dieting and following recommended workout regimens.

Want the perfect physique, but don’t think the shrink wrap is for you? Check out our other guides to different physiques for different starting body types, including the recommended workouts, diets, tips and more!

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