Why Do Exercise Needs Vary Between Individuals

Why Do Exercise Needs to Vary Between Individuals? UPDATED 2022

We all know the person standing next to you or across the room is different. From the way they look to the strength and mobility they possess. Everyone is different. That’s why exercise needs to vary between individuals.

When we talk about varying exercises between individuals, it is not only about the exercises performed. It is also about the number of repetitions and the volume done.

Generally, this comes down to the individual’s ability to recover between workouts, and bear in mind the person’s lifestyle, stress, and fitness play a vital role in this.

In this article, we discuss why you should vary your training and not follow the same exercise program as the person next to you.

Why Is Variety Important In Exercise?

No matter if you are a professional athlete or just starting, variety is vital when following an exercise program.

So, why is variety important in exercise?

Firstly, for most people creating some variety in their training can prevent boredom, which is often associated with repeating the same thing over again.

Secondly, varying your training has been shown to prevent a plateau in your fitness. By following the correct periodization model, you can prevent yourself from reaching a plateau in your fitness and performance. Subsequently, this can help you continue to improve as the year’s pass.

When you start to vary your exercise routine, you can target your specific strengths and weaknesses in your training plan. It also means you can base your training around specific goals. Whether this be:

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– Increasing range of movement
– Improving strength and speed
– Improving cardiovascular fitness
– Losing weight
– Increasing balance and mobility

The list goes on. However, the correct exercise plan should have enough variety to work all of the above.

Since everyone is different, the amount of time spent developing speed, strength, mobility, or cardiovascular fitness will vary between each individual.

Some individuals will need more time developing strength over speed, while others may need to focus their training on mobility or endurance. A lot of this depends on the goals of the individual. However, the correct plan should target a range of factors as we talked about. Hence why exercise variation is important. This will prevent loss of motivation and also help you become a more rounded athlete. It can also help to prevent injuries caused by overuse (doing the same form of exercise repeatedly).

Why Should Exercise Program Be Individualized?

Why Should Exercise Program Be Individualized?

An exercise plan should be individualized, not only are our bodies different but because we all live different lives. Some people may lead a less stressful life, while others may live the opposite.

Stress is a large cause of fatigue when it comes to working out, and balancing the right amount of training and recovery is important for this type of person.

However, you may be a single person with unlimited time. This doesn’t mean you can do the same amount of training as the people above. You may be new to an exercise routine, or susceptible to injuries. That means you may not be able to train as much as someone else, even if you have more time than them.

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Recovery is important, as this is where the majority of your gains are made. Everyone has different recovery times, even after doing the same form of workout. So the exercise program needs to take this into account to prevent overtraining, fatigue, and loss of form.

Then comes the goals behind the training. Not everyone wants to lose weight, get faster, or lift more weights. Most people have their own goals when exercising, and the exercise program you follow needs to be able to cater to these goals.

Last but not least is time. The amount of time a person can set aside for exercise is different. So the training plan needs to cater around the time available.

What Is an Individualized Exercise Program?

So, what is an individualized exercise program? An individualized exercise program is an exercise program that consists of workouts, stretching, and mobility training catered towards the individual’s goals, needs, and abilities.

These exercise programs are usually developed by personal trainers or sports coaches with years of experience.

An individualized exercise program will require you to follow a plan of workouts and recovery each week. The training plan will be sent to you weekly, monthly, or yearly. However, it will largely depend on the coach and the goals you may have.

It will also be based on your past fitness, any injuries you may have sustained, and your ability to recover. Not to mention your goals behind the training you are doing.

This is vital when starting a training program, as if your previous history isn’t taken into account, you may end up injured, fatigued, or just burned out.

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So, when choosing the right individualized exercise program make sure you can discuss your previous training, goals, and any past injuries with the coach. That way you can be sure that they understand you and your lifestyle before developing a customized plan for you.

No matter if your goal is in the gym, running faster, or being able to cycle for 100km, the above principles should always be followed when developing a training plan. That’s why variation and customization are vital when planning your exercise routine.

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