How To Stretch Triceps?

How To Stretch Triceps? Best Stretches For Sore Tricep Muscles

Whether you are lifting weights, running, or playing a racket sport, there are times when you need to loosen up the tricep muscles. Regardless of which muscle you want to loosen up, stretching has shown multiple times that it can improve mobility and help loosen up the muscles. That’s why knowing how to stretch the triceps can pay dividends in the future.

In this article, we look at how to stretch triceps and the benefits of this. We also explain in detail what the triceps muscles are. So, if you are struggling with sore triceps and looking for a way to loosen them up, keep reading.

What Are The Tricep Muscles?

Generally, most people know what the tricep muscles are. However, for those who get confused with the tricep and bicep, let’s explain the tricep muscle in more detail.

The tricep muscle or triceps brachii is responsible for the extension of the elbow. That means the tricep is used when you are straightening the arm.

The tricep is located at the back of the upper arm and originates from the socket of the scapula, which means it is a widely used muscle during daily activities and not just sports or weightlifting.

Some of the most popular tricep exercises used to strengthen the muscle group are:

– Dips
– Push-ups
– Triceps extensions
– Bench press
– Dumbbell rows
– Plank
– Diamond pushups

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Some of the most popular sports that require a strong tricep are basketball, tennis, volleyball, and some track and field activities. While there are many others, these sports require the triceps to help stabilize the should muscles. Hence why having strong triceps is important.

How To Stretch Your Triceps?

How To Stretch Your Triceps?

Even though there are many stretches for triceps, learning the basics of how to stretch your triceps correctly is important if you haven’t done it before.

The most common way how to stretch your triceps is the standing extension method. This involves extending your left arm above you and then bringing your left palm behind you towards the center of your back. Once you are in this position, use your right hand and position it on your elbow, then gently push the elbow focusing on a straight and then slightly down progression.

Hold this stretch for at least 20 seconds and then repeat 3-4 times on each side.

That is the most basic tricep stretch. However, there are some better ones, but they do become more difficult if you haven’t down them before.

Another stretch is the towel tricep stretch. This involves using a town if you don’t have enough flexibility or mobility in the shoulders and arms.

1. You can do this by standing up straight and lifting up your arm while holding a towel.
2. Then slowly bend at the elbow until your arm reaches your spine and the towel is hanging behind you.
3. Once you are in the position, use the other hand to reach around you and hold the towel.
4. Then use that same hand to pull the towel so your other arm gets pulled towards the ground.

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You should feel a direct stretch in the triceps, and the harder the pull, the deeper the stretch should feel.

The next stretch for the triceps is one of the most basic. This stretch is aimed at total beginners that have never stretched the triceps before.

1. To do this stretch start by standing up straight.
2. Then bring your right arm across your body, so it is pointing to the left.
3. Grab your left arm and place it on top of your right arm.
4. Then press towards your chest while using it to push the right arm towards the left and the body.
5. Hold this stretch for at least 20 seconds and then release.
6. Repeat this 4-5 times on each arm.

How To Stretch Sore Triceps?

What happens if you are dealing with sore tricep muscles? How should you stretch sore triceps?

Depending on how sore the muscle is, you can use the above stretches. However, if the soreness is located deep in the muscle tissue, you are better off using a massage gun, or a masseuse to massage the triceps. That way you can help remove any inflammation, or muscle knows you may have. Once the tricep soreness has passed and mobility has returned, you can then look to stretch the muscle group.

Alternatively icing the triceps is a good way to relieve soreness in the muscle. Icing regularly can help relieve discomfort and inflammation in the muscle.

However, stretching should not be forgotten, you just need to stretch the muscle once the pain or soreness has stopped. By doing so, you will help retain mobility and increase blood flow to the muscle.

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What Causes Tricep Soreness?

What Causes Tricep Soreness & Pain?

Many things can cause soreness or pain in the triceps. Injury, overuse, and overtraining are usually the main culprits.

However, tricep pain and soreness can also come from shoulder and elbow issues, which may be caused by arthritis, muscle tears, or inflammation of any of these muscles.

Generally, most things will pass with rest, ice, and stretching. However, if the soreness or pain doesn’t subside in a few days, speak with a doctor or physiotherapist. They can help to diagnose the problem and set up a rehabilitation program for you.

If you are constantly dealing with sore triceps, knowing how to stretch the triceps is beneficial to your recovery. It is also important to look over your past training and technique to find the cause of it. Doing so can help prevent sore triceps in the future.

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