Couch to 10k

Couch To 10k Program – UPDATED 2021 – Free 14 Week Couch To 10k Plan

Whether you have a background in sport or looking to improve your overall wellness, Couch to 10k is a motivational goal for the untrained person to have.

The Couch to 10k is a popular method of running and walking that helps you finish your first 10k. Usually based around three runs per week, the overall idea is that the method of training should help you reach the 10km distance.

A little more ambitious than the well-known Couch to 5K. This doesn’t mean you can’t complete it. Even if you have little to no running behind you, following a dedicated training plan can help you complete the distance in no time.

So whether you are looking to move up from the 5k or set yourself a higher goal of completing your first 10k. Couch to 10k is a perfect way to set yourself a challenge. You might even find yourself entering a running event in the near future!

10k training plan

Couch To 10k Running tips

While you might get motivated and want to run out the door after reading this article. It is important to only begin a Couch to 10k goal if you can walk comfortably for 45 minutes or more. If this is not possible with your current fitness, look to start building up your walking before you start any program.

– If 10k sounds too daunting how about setting yourself a time-target instead? Make you target 60 minutes of running instead of focusing on the distance. This will allow you still to have a clear goal to train towards.

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– Be careful not to start your Couch to 10K training program to aggressively. If you find the program advances too quickly for you, look at repeating the week or in worse case look for a custom plan suited to you.

– Don’t give up! While the beginning may be difficult settling into a new routine. Running is generally hard for the first few weeks. Once you pass this milestone you will find the body starts to adjust and the overall feeling you have running will improve. Remember to keep to your normal limits and don’t push beyond them in the beginning.

– Once you have surpassed the first 3 to 4 weeks of the plan you will start to see increased improvements. This means both fitness and your breathing pattern will see a marked improvement. You might also fine less muscular soreness after this period too.

– Since you have made the choice to start running, why not improve your diet at the same time? What you eat is just as important as the training itself. So focusing on your diet will help improve your running and recovery. Making the journey to 10k even more enjoyable!

Once you have decided to make the leap and start running, Set yourself some milestones. This means promising yourself a treat along the way to help keep you motivated.

Couch to 10k program

Couch To 10k Program

SportCoaching provides a Couch to 10k Program for all types of people. Whether you currently spend time in the gym or never got into any fitness clothes before.

Our custom 10k plans are designed individually for each person. We look at your background and the time you have available. We then develop a customized plan to help you stay consistent and gradually increase the running and eliminate the walking. Increasing your fitness and allowing you to stay injury-free.

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Our alternative Couch to 10k plan is delivered online or in PDF form where you can log in on any device, anywhere in the world. You have access to your own calendar where you can note milestones achieved, track your weight and even your sleep. But most importantly tracking your improvements each week.

We know everyone is different and we know one program doesn’t fit everyone. That is why all our plans are developed uniquely to you!

Couch to 10KM Training Plan

Duration: 16 Weeks
Level:  Beginner
Training Zones: Heart Rate / RPE
Training hours: This is customised to each person during the free 60 min consultation

Each couch to 10k training plan is developed for each individual and provides the support needed to help you finish your first 10k!


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Couch to 10k program

Free 14 Week Couch To 10k Program

Below is a free 10k training plan for anyone looking to run there first 10k. Each week is based on three workouts for you to follow.

Week 1

Workout 1 Run 60sec, walk 30sec, repeat 10 times
Workout 2 Run 90sec, walk 30sec, repeat 6 times
Workout 3 Run/walk 10min ( as you feel )


Week 2

Workout 1 Run 2 minutes, walk 60sec, repeat 6 times
Workout 2 Run 2 minutes, walk 60sec, repeat 8 times
Workout 3 Run/walk 15min ( as you feel )


Week 3

Workout 1 Run 3 minutes, walk 60sec, repeat 6 times
Workout 2 Run/walk 20min ( as you feel )
Workout 3 Run 4 minutes, walk 60sec, repeat 7 times


Week 4

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Workout 1 Run 5mins, walk 90sec, repeat 5 times
Workout 2 Run/walk 25min (as you feel)
Workout 3 Run 2km, walk 3km


Week 5

Workout 1 Run 8min, walk 2min, repeat 4  times
Workout 2 Run/walk 30min ( as you feel )
Workout 3 Run 10min, walk 2min, repeat 3  times


Week 6

Workout 1 Run 16min, walk 2min, repeat 2 times
Workout 2 Run/walk 35min ( as you feel )
Workout 3 Run 3km, walk 1km


Week 7

Workout 1 Run 20min, walk 2min, repeat 2 times
Workout 2 Run/walk 40min ( as you feel )
Workout 3 Run 4km, Walk 1km


Week 8

Workout 1 Run/walk 45min ( as you feel )
Workout 2 Run 10min, walk 60sec, repeat 3 times
Workout 3 Run 5km – Half Way There!


Week 9

Workout 1 Run/walk 50min ( as you feel )
Workout 2 Run 22min, walk 2min, repeat 2 times
Workout 3 Run 6km, walk 1km


Week 10

Workout 1 Run/walk 55min ( as you feel )
Workout 2 Run 25min, walk 2min, repeat 2 times
Workout 3 Run 6km, walk 1km


Week 11

Workout 1 Run/walk 60min ( as you feel )
Workout 2 Run 30min, walk 2min, repeat 2 times
Workout 3 Run 7km, walk 1km


Week 12

Workout 1 Run/walk 60min ( as you feel )
Workout 2 Run 10min, walk 60sec, repeat 3 times
Workout 3 Run 8km (without stopping)


Week 13

Workout 1 Run/walk 60min ( as you feel )
Workout 2 Run 40mins (without stopping)
Workout 3 Run 8km, walk 1km (without stopping)


Week 14

Workout 1 Run 45mins (without stopping)
Workout 2 Run 20min, walk 60sec, repeat 3 times
Workout 3 Run 10km! Congratulations



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