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Couch to 5k Program – UPDATED 2020 – Free 8 Week 5K Training Plan

Couch to 5km is a general meaning for the average person looking to get off the sofa and run. Running 5km without stops is a common goal to have. You only need a pair of trainers and can be done anywhere. It’s a goal that anyone can achieve in only a few months.

Not everyone is a fan of running. But running in general is one of the quickest ways to lose weight and increase overall health. We have seen hundreds of people complete their first 5k and go on to run many more. They also have seen their health dramatically improve, see their weight decline and an increased productivity.

Starting a Couch to 5k plan will give you clear signs of your improvement. As you get fitter and the body adapts you will be able start running further each week.

While in the beginning, not all runs are enjoyable. We have seen many people struggle during the first weeks, only to see a vast improvement later on. During this period your body will adapt to the rigors of running. Your tendons, bones, and lungs will adjust and grow stronger, allowing you to run further and more comfortably.

Couch To 5k Plan Training Apps

There are many ways to work towards running your first 5k. There is multiple Couch to 5k apps available on both android and IOS. While we don’t highly recommend these apps, for some people they can work. You can also speak with your local running club, often enough there are many beginner training groups that can help you start running. This allows you to run with a group of like-minded beginners focusing on the same goals.

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If you are looking to run solo but struggle with motivation and direction, you may need some extra guidance from a coach. If that is the case, read on.

couch to 5k plan

Couch to 5KM Training Plan

Duration: 10 Weeks
Level:  Beginner
Training Zones: Heart Rate / RPE
Training hours: This is customised to each person during the free 60 min consultation

Each couch to 5k training plan is developed for each individual and provides the support needed to help you finish your first 5k event!


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Couch To 5k Program – SportCoaching

SportCoaching provides a 5k training program that builds up the amount running you do. Focusing on consistency and not overloading the body too early. There is a lot of Couch to 5k plans online that doesn’t take into consideration everyone is different. The last thing you want is to be too stiff to walk down the stairs the next day.

SportCoaching provides a custom plan because we know everyone is different. There may be some runners that will take longer than 8 weeks to run 5km. So we must treat everyone differently. The custom plan is built around your current fitness level, and set around your daily lifestyle.

The good news is with our structured plan for 5k will keep you injury-free, increase weight loss and improve your overall health.

Starting a program allows you to have the utmost trust in your running coach. The beginning of the training plan we will mix segments of running with walking. We slowly increases the running duration over the weeks.

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We specifically start to reduce the walking when we feel your body has started to adapt and can handle the added impact.

All your runs are tracked online and our plan allows you to view your day’s workout from any mobile or computer device, anywhere.

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Couch to 5km training plan – buy online

Couch to 5k

Free Couch To 5K Training Plan

Below is a basic guide for anyone looking to run their first 5km. Each week is three planned workouts for you to target. We recommend you split each workout with at least 2 days rest or alternative training between. This will help you body recover that little bit faster.

Week 1

Workout 1 Run 60sec, walk 30sec, repeat 10 times
Workout 2 Run 90sec, walk 30sec, repeat 6 times
Workout 3 Run/walk 10min ( as you feel )


Week 2

Workout 1 Run 2 minutes, walk 60sec, repeat 6 times
Workout 2 Run 2 minutes, walk 60sec, repeat 8 times
Workout 3 Run/walk 15min ( as you feel )


Week 3

Workout 1 Run 3 minutes, walk 60sec, repeat 6 times
Workout 2 Run/walk 20min ( as you feel )
Workout 3 Run 4 minutes, walk 60sec, repeat 7 times


Week 4

Workout 1 Run 5mins, walk 90sec, repeat 5 times
Workout 2 Run/walk 25min (as you feel)
Workout 3 Run 2km, walk 3km


Week 5

Workout 1 Run 8min, walk 2min, repeat 4  times
Workout 2 Run/walk 30min ( as you feel )
Workout 3 Run 10min, walk 2min, repeat 3  times


Week 6

Workout 1 Run 16min, walk 2min, repeat 2 times
Workout 2 Run/walk 35min ( as you feel )
Workout 3 Run 3km, walk 1km
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Week 7

Workout 1 Run 20min, walk 2min, repeat 2 times
Workout 2 Run/walk 40min ( as you feel )
Workout 3 Run 4km, walk 1km


Week 8

Workout 1 Run 45min ( as you feel )
Workout 2 Run 10min, walk 60sec, repeat 3 times
Workout 3 Run 5km



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