running for weight loss

Running for weight loss

Running for weight loss is one of the best forms of burning calories, although there are other sports such as swimming, cycling, and mountain biking. Running offers accessibility that provides almost all year round weight loss, no matter what you have access to. You can run in cold weather, hot weather, through the forest and even run in the snow. There aren’t many sports in the world that offer that kind of accessibility.

With this kind of accessibility its often many people use running for weight loss. You need a pair of shoes, some creativity, and anyone can start. But remember to put together a running training plan before you kick off your weight loss journey.


Running for weight loss saves time

We all know people are continually handling full schedules and often find it difficult to introduce something new to there routine.
When starting running to lose weight, you will still need to adjust your lifestyle slightly to accommodate the running.
Running for weight loss offers a weight loss advantage that many sports can’t compete against. It takes minimal time to get changed and head out the door. You don’t need the latest running clothes or accessories, just you and your shoes and some clothing that can handle the conditions. This can be implemented as commuting to your job, and late-night run or even during your weekend getaway.


Check your diet while running

There are many benefits to running and start running for weight loss isn’t a reason to ignore your diet. If you are trying to lose weight, you can still find that you can gain weight if you continue to overeat.
In general, most people over calculate the number of calories they burn, which tends to result if over fuelling for their runs. Generally, you burn around 100 calories per mile, so using this as a guideline to start can help you plan your eating.
The goal when using running for weight loss should be that you slowly increase your running mileage while creating a calorie deficit. So keeping track of your eating pattern is a must and shouldn’t be forgotten no matter the distances you are running.


Starting weight loss through running

It is easy to get excited when you start running for weight loss when you are looking for immediate results. It is essential, no matter how motivated you are to start running slowly.
With most athletes are continually looking at training plans and how they can improve. If you are just starting running, focus on moving and burning calories rather than performance gains.

If you are new to running this may require you to start walking between periods of running. During this time you won’t be burning as many calories as running the same duration. But it is essential to build slowly to prevent injuries and allow your body to adjust to the rigors of running.


Crosstraining to lose weight

Once you have decided on your journey to lose weight through running, implement cross-training can help you while you build up your mileage. Since you cannot run a high volume to burn enough calories adding additional training can help fill this void.

Cross-training can help make you a stronger runner but also help reduce the chance of injury. The result of more lean muscle mass will not only make you a stronger runner but also help burn more calories. Because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.


Don’t give up

There are many positives to start running and not just to lose weight. Running for weight loss can take time and needs patience. Focus on a long term strategy and set some goals along the way.

Most people struggle during the first four weeks of running, if you can stick to the positives and pass this milestone, you may start to see the runners high. Running helps release endocannabinoids which are associated with pleasure. Meaning the more you run, the better the feeling you will have!


Running Coaching

Whether you are running to lose weight or thinking about using running for weight loss, SportCoaching can help guide you in the right direction.

With 20 years of experience in coaching runners and daily communication and support, we can help reach your goal in losing weight and improving your running.


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