Hydration Vest For Running

Running Hydration Vest – Are They Worth It?

Finding a way to carry water must be a part of your planning if you want to engage in any of the thirst-quenching activities like hiking, trail running, trekking, or other long distant adventures. Even in colder weather, you’ll need to rehydrate along the path. If you’re traveling far enough that you need to carry your own water, you probably already are aware of how heavy and cumbersome it is, as well as how annoying it may be to constantly stop your stride to reach for your best water bottle.

This is where a running hydration vest can come into play. On top of being able to carry your water on your back, you have enough space for snacks, extra pair of clothing, and other essentials you may need on your adventures.

Some of you may be wondering what a running hydration vest is, and others looking to buy one may be struggling to choose one with so much variety of running hydration vests on the market. In this article we hope to answer the questions;

– What Is A Running Hydration Vest
– Benefits Of A Running Hydration Vest
– When Should You Wear A Hydration Vest For Running?
– How To Choose A Hydration Vest Right For You?


What Is A Running Hydration Vest

Hikers and trail runners used to carry metal flasks in backpacks, which they purchased at an Army surplus store, back in the day. The canteens were functional, but they were large, bulky, and heavy, and they frequently moved about inside the backpacks. The introduction of plastic water bottles helps by reducing the weight of the bottle but is still limited in how much water it can carry.

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The company many people are still familiar with is CamelBak who invented customized portable hydration solutions in the 1990s, which was the biggest game-changer. This was the early introduction of the modern running hydration vest.

Modern running hydration vests come in a variety of styles, from tiny backpacks to form-fitting vests with pockets for energy gels, a compartment for a hydration bladder, and enough room for a waterproof jacket if needed. Hydration packs are made to distribute the weight of the necessities required for a challenging running route and to provide you with quick and simple access to everything you need while running without having to stop.


Benefits Of A Running Hydration Vest

In contrast to having a water bottle in your hand, a hydration vest promotes proper running form. At first, carrying a water bottle can seem alright, but after a while, the extra weight at the end of a limb might affect your form. Your stride won’t be affected by a hydration pack that is situated centrally on your body.

Also carrying a water bottle in your backpack can cause problems as well. Any runner would prefer not to have their water bottles bouncing about. That can not only be very distracting when you’re running, but it can also cause chafing.

There is no question that when running, you will inevitably sweat. Sweating can become a problem if you are carrying items like your phone, money, or credit cards in your pocket. The running hydration vest provides you with a secure, waterproof location to put your phone and wallet if you run with these items.

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When Should You Wear A Hydration Vest For Running?

Running hydration vests make it easy for you to hydrate allowing you to avoid dehydration, especially on hot days. When it’s hot out, dehydration happens more quickly. Dehydration impairs your body’s capacity to expel heat, which causes your core temperature to rise more rapidly. Even if you are used to the heat, you won’t be able to handle it effectively if you become dehydrated while running.

While it’s common knowledge that we should drink when we’re thirsty, engaging in extended endurance activities like hiking requires more. Numerous studies have demonstrated that hikers and runners should attempt to replace the same volume of fluids as they are sweating off.

Although everyone’s sweat rate differs and can be significantly influenced by the weather, consuming 500 to 750ml each hour is a decent estimate. You could sweat more in warm and humid situations, so that might be raised to about one liter every hour. That’s a lot of water for a daylong journey, but some of the best and largest running hydration vests can hold up to 10 liters.


How To Choose A Hydration Vest Right For You?

Hydration vests for running are often composed of lightweight fabrics that assist your body stay dry and comfortable by wicking perspiration. In order to assist to keep the weight down, they also tend to be smaller and less bulky.

The type or style of running hydration vest you choose will vary depending on the type of activity you plan on doing.

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For example, the majority of trail running packs include smaller 500ml soft bottles that can be accessed from the front and/or small to medium hydration reservoirs that are 1-1.5 liters in capacity and have drinking tubes that are integrated into the pack.

For longer distances, you can even find a medium to large running hydration vest with a hydration reservoir typically around between 1.5-5 liters.

Whether you get smaller or larger running hydration vest, they should be comfortable to wear while running. Running hydration vests will include adjustability for a perfect fit. A running hydration vest should remain mostly in place once it is adjusted. When you run, there shouldn’t be any noticeable excessive bouncing.

A well-fitted hydration vest should also prevent chafing. If for any reason your current running hydration vest has a problem with bouncing, chafing, or other discomforts try on other brands as they may have a slightly different fit.

Running vests have been increasingly popular over the last several years. This increases the buyer’s options while also making the vests more useful and comfortable than before.

Don’t hesitate to go to an outdoor or athletic store to try out some running hydration vests.

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