Prometheus protocol

Prometheus Protocol & Workout – UPDATED 2022 – A Complete Guide

When you’re looking at the success of other people who work out, you might hear compliments thrown around like “they’re built like a Greek god”. Depending on if they’re talking about Zeus or Ares, it can be a compliment or an insult, but if you’re ever told you’re built like the Greek god Prometheus? Then you’ve made it.

Prometheus was one of the strongest gods in both mental and physical fortitude. Unfortunately, we can’t ask him what his WOD was, but something that comes pretty close is the Prometheus protocol and workout. These routines are all about maximizing muscle gain and minimizing fat gain.

Interested? This guide is designed to get you started with the Prometheus protocol and workout, give you tips for maximum success, and show how you could look by the end.

Prometheus Workout

Prometheus Protocol – A Complete Guide

The Prometheus protocol was created by Pat Flynn, who originally designed the routine in 2016. In 2021, he created a new version of it that follows a more structured pattern for exercises.

To do the Prometheus protocol you’ll need a set of kettlebells. One of the best things about the workout is that it’s personalized to your max rep, meaning you can use any weight and the routine doesn’t change.

Here is a breakdown of the Prometheus protocol:

Day 1
10 x 5 reps of Double Clean and Press for 60-80% of the max weight you can lift
10 x 5 reps of Front Squats for 60-80% of the max weight you can lift

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Day 2
10 x 5 reps of Chin Up for 60-80% of the max weight you can lift
10 x 5 reps of Single Leg Deadlift for 60-80% of the max weight you can lift

Day 3
Rest day

Day 4
Rest day

Day 5
10 x 5 reps of Double Clean and Press for 60-80% of the max weight you can lift
10 x 5 reps of Front Squats for 60-80% of the max weight you can lift

Day 6
10 x 5 reps of Chin Up for 60-80% of the max weight you can lift
10 x 5 reps of Single Leg Deadlift for 60-80% of the max weight you can lift

Day 7
Rest day

The exercises are just one part of the protocol, and for best results, you’ll want to be following the recommended food plan. There’s no strict diet or meal plan, but the guidelines are:

1. Avoid food that is high in sugar and sugar-based carbohydrates. Wholegrain rice, beans, and white meats will be your best friend.
2. Eat as often as you can, until you feel overly full. Because you’re still eating healthier foods, you’ll need to consume higher quantities of these foods to put yourself into a calorie surplus.
3. Fast for 24 hours once per week. Don’t eat or drink anything other than water for a full 24 hours. Black coffee and pure green tea are also fine to drink during the fast.


Getting Started with The Prometheus Workout

The little brother to the Prometheus protocol is the Prometheus workout, which doesn’t require any equipment and takes 20 minutes to do. While this is different from the Prometheus protocol, you can still combine it with the same philosophy of 2 days rest and high protein, low sugar eating.

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This workout has 5 rounds, with 30 seconds rest between each round. The exercises you’ll be doing are the same each round, just with more or fewer reps between rounds.

Round one of the Prometheus workout looks like this:

30 x Mountain Climbers
10 Push-Ups
30 Sit-Ups
30 Squats
50 Jumping Jacks
30 Second Rest

As you can tell, these are all super simple exercises. What makes them worthy of being called the Prometheus is that there are 5 rounds, making it a test of endurance and stamina.

Prometheus Protocol Results

Prometheus Protocol Results – Before & After

The goal of the Prometheus protocol is to build mass and make sure that this mass is muscle and not fat.

The protocol will work best for anyone who has a naturally lean build and has a lower body fat percentage. This will make sure that the mass you build doesn’t go to the wrong places. If you’re genetically blessed with a fast metabolism, then the Prometheus protocol might work wonders for you.

If you’re not, then don’t worry; the Prometheus protocol is still a great option as it can help you to lower your body fat percentage. While eating more calories than is recommended might sound like the opposite of everything you’ve been taught, because you’re eating the right foods with the Prometheus protocol, you’ll be building muscle, and not fat.

Prometheus Protocol with A Kettlebell

Prometheus Protocol with A Kettlebell

What makes kettlebells so good for the Prometheus protocol? It’s all about their versatility.

Because of their smaller form factor and ease of use, you can use a kettlebell for any exercise you can think of. In the palm of your hand, you have something with the weight of a dumbbell, meaning you’ll get the benefits of that without the restricted movement.

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They’re the next step up from dumbbells because the thicker handle pushes you to develop a stronger grip. The weight is also distributed towards the bottom of a kettlebell, meaning that you need to build more strength to lift them upwards.

The exercises of the Prometheus protocol are only effective when the weight of a kettlebell is added to them – without the kettlebells, they’re more like a warm-up exercise.

Prometheus Full Body Workout – What You Should Know?

For the Prometheus full-body workout, form, posture, and core strength are essential. The workout is all about building strength in all of the muscles of your body, and you can measure your progress when each day of the Prometheus becomes easier than the last.

Because the Prometheus workout is high intensity, you should allow for at least 1 day of rest between each day of exercising. If you prefer then you can also do 2 days on, 2 days off of exercise; but only if you feel like you can handle it.


Prometheus Protocol – Closing Thoughts

The Prometheus protocol and the Prometheus workout are two great first steps on the journey to building muscle and strength and progressing your workout routine in 2022. Thanks for reading this complete guide and stay tuned for more updated tips, routines, plans, and more this year!

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