Androgynous Workout

Androgynous Workout – How to Get an Androgynous Body?

When it comes to body goals, some people want to be supermodel buff with as close to 0% body fat as humanly possible. Some people just want to look a little slimmer.

For others, they seek something more neutral. The androgynous body type is pretty much the definition of ‘neutral’. It’s a healthy physique, but nobody would be able to tell that you worked out to get it.

Want to know how to get an androgynous body? It’s a lot easier than you might think. This guide will give you the best androgynous workout tips, and help you to get started in achieving the androgyne physique.


Androgynous Workout – A Complete Guide

First of all, what is an androgynous body type? The word androgynous means someone who presents as neither male nor female. As well as a body type it’s also used to describe hairstyles and clothing.

There are lots of different workouts and routines you can do to get an androgynous body, so it’s about finding what works for you. Some exercises you’ll want to focus on include leg lifts and holds, crunches, and planks/reverse planks.

Some of the best androgynous body exercises can be done with no equipment, but an exercise mat is recommended to make them more comfortable.

Below is a complete guide to an example workout routine that will help you to get an androgynous body:

1. Start with stretches to warm up. Good examples are the Samson stretch or a split stretch.
2. The first exercise is foot crossovers. Lie on your back with both legs raised at a slight angle. Move one leg in front of the other at a moderate pace. 30 reps.
3. Next, reverse crunches. Still lying flat on your back, lift your waist and lower body legs towards your torso. 30 reps.
4. The third exercise is mountain climbers. Turn over to be on your hands and knees and bring your legs towards the front of your body as if you’re running, while keeping your hands on the floor. 30 reps.

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5. Finally, planking. Hold the plank for 1 minute.
6. Rest for 1 minute, and then repeat 2-4 more rounds of the above.

How To Get an Androgynous Body

How To Get an Androgynous Body?

Because an androgynous body is a neutral figure, the steps on aiming for one will change depending on whether you have a masculine or feminine frame already.

Losing fat in common problem areas such as the stomach and the legs should be a priority for achieving a neutral physique, but you’ll want workouts that focus on the whole body and not just specific areas.

If you have a lot of muscle and muscular arms or legs, for example, you may want to focus on eating a specific diet to balance out your fat to cover this.

If you have noticeable curves, consider exercises that will burn fat in these areas and make them leaner. Core exercises are great for this as a strong core can stop fat and muscle from building up in uneven areas.

Androgynous Body Types

Nobody’s body is the same, and even if you can identify someone as an androgynous body type, they may look different from someone else who is an androgynous body type.

The main feature of androgynous bodies is being featureless. This means that there are no notable curves, an evenly shaped waist. There are also no protruding muscles. The body is almost rectangular shaped, and this is achievable by both males and females.

At the end of the day, no matter how much exercise you do or how well you eat, your bone structure and natural body shape can’t be changed. This is why some androgynous body types look different from others, but it’s nothing to worry about.

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While comparing yourself to other androgynous body types can help achieve your goals, it’s more important that you recognize that an androgynous body type does not have to look like the versions you see online.


Androgynous Male Body

When you think of an androgynous male body, you might think that it’s only possible by combining female and male features. For example, by having long hair and also having a masculine frame. This isn’t the case.

The androgynous male is sort of an oxymoron – how can you have an androgynous body type if it’s also male at the same time? Just like with body structure, it’s impossible to fully eliminate all features of your sex no matter how well you diet or exercise.

This means that if you’re a male, your androgynous body may be an androgynous male body. You might have an Adam’s apple or a defined collarbone that male bodies usually have. These are just very small, identifying features that everyone will have when trying to achieve an androgynous body.


Androgynous Body Workout – Getting Started

To get started with trying to achieve an androgynous body, think of all of the different body types if they’re on a scale.

On this scale, the androgynous body type is a 0. The most masculine body type you can imagine is a 5, and the most feminine body type you can imagine is a -5 on this scale.

This means that to achieve a completely androgynous body, you need to balance out aspects of these other body types. These involve muscle definition, curves, fat distribution, and body fat percentage.

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By knowing your body well enough, you’ll be able to identify where you need to focus to achieve a 0 on this scale and to have an androgynous body. Maybe your torso area has much less muscle than your lower body, and you want to focus on upper body exercises to balance this out?

The best advice for beginners wanting an androgynous body is to understand the exercises you’re doing, and why you’re doing them. If you’ve not worked out before and they seem too strenuous for you, don’t be afraid to change them by reducing the reps or increasing the rest time in between each exercise.


Androgynous Workout – Closing Thoughts

An androgynous body is one of the most popular body types in 2022, as more and more people are defining ‘the perfect body’ for themselves and rejecting the traditional stereotypes of masculinity and femininity.

This guide is just the beginning of your androgynous body journey, so keep an eye out for more tips, tricks, diets, and workouts to help you achieve the androgynous figure of your dreams.

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