Volleyball Thighs

How To Get Volleyball Thighs? A Complete Guide – UPDATED 2022

Volleyball isn’t just something you play on the beach. It’s a competitive, high-endurance sport that will force your quads and thighs to get into shape and will make you scream at yourself for skipping so many leg days.

While even just playing it casually can be great for your quad muscles, Olympic athletes and professional players of volleyball can often be identified by their ‘volleyball thighs’. It’s not creepy to look, we promise – envy and competition are healthy when trying to achieve your body goals.

Despite the name though, you don’t have to spend hours and hours per day on the court to get the volleyball thighs you’ve always wanted. This guide will give you everything you need to know about the routines you can do to get volleyball thighs, quickly and effectively.

How To Get Volleyball Thighs? A Complete Guide

So, what exactly are volleyball thighs? When people talk about them, they usually mean toned, athletic, and strong-looking thighs…which are gained by having strong quadricep muscles. This is the group of muscles in your thigh that’s actually made up of four other parts. These all work together to help you walk, exercise, and do everything else that involves movement.

With that said, it’s obvious that to get volleyball thighs, you’ll want to focus on workouts for your legs. The thing is though, you’ll want exercises for the whole leg area, not just the quads. This is because building muscle will require all the muscles in your legs to pull their weight.

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Below is a guide to a recommended WOD you can do to work towards peak volleyball thighs:

1. Begin your warmup with an aerobic exercise such as jogging or jumping rope. Do this for 10 minutes.
2. The first exercise will be squat jumps. Do these by squatting as normal, and then returning to a standing position quickly with a small jump at the end. When you land, you should go back into a squat and start the process again. Repeat these 10 – 15 times.
3. Next, tuck jumps. This is a high jump where you bring your knees up to your chest at its peak. If you can’t do these, then just try to bring your legs as high as you can while you’re mid-air. Repeat these 10 – 15 times.
4. The last exercise is ankle hops. These are small, controlled hops where your weight will be on the balls of your feet. Repeat these 10 – 15 times.
5. Rest for 2-3 minutes, before completing between 2 and 4 more rounds of the above. Don’t forget to do a cool-down period of exercise before finishing for the day.

Volley Leg Workout

Volley Leg Workout – Getting Started

Luckily, you can get volleyball legs quickly by knowing what to focus on.

The workouts in this guide are designed to train the essential muscles you would be using when playing volleyball, as well as building your stamina, strength, and endurance. It’s a crash course in leg workouts that will give you the same feeling as being a professional volleyball athlete.

Getting volleyball legs means focusing on a few specific types of workouts such squats, squat jumps, back squats, and calf raises. If you want to build strength at the same time, then you can also add some deadlifts into this.

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It’s also important to warm up before trying any intense leg exercises though. To have the best chance of strengthening your quad muscles and getting those volleyball thighs, you should focus on warmups such as jogging and jump rope exercises.

A good place to start with your routine would be one of the best exercises for volleyball thighs, the squat jump. This is an exercise that volleyball players do because not only will it strengthen the quad muscles, but it’s a similar motion to what they do during a game.

If you want to work up to a full routine from a beginner level, then focus on a workout pattern that is made up of just squats and squat jumps. This will still give you visible gains in your legs and let you move on when you feel ready.

Does Volleyball Make Your Thighs Bigger

Does Volleyball Make Your Thighs Bigger?

Playing volleyball will lead to your thighs developing more muscle mass, which can make them look bigger. Unless you’re an Olympic athlete though, it might not be a noticeable change. It’s also a very gradual change, and if your thighs have more mass to them then it’s likely that the rest of your body will too.

The reason that volleyball players have bigger thighs than other athletes is simply because volleyball is a sport that uses the thigh muscles more than other sports.

From the footwork of moving around the court, receiving serves, and especially being in the libero position, all of these require strong quadricep muscles. And to get strong quad muscles, you need to do workouts that focus on your legs and your thighs.

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Volleyball Glutes

Understanding Volleyball Glutes

As we mentioned, muscle training is all about symmetry and all about training different groups of muscle at a time. If you’re working on your thighs muscles in order to get volleyball thighs, you’ll also be wanting to work on your glutes.

Volleyball glutes are also one of the most desirable physiques for this area of the body. The benefits of having strong glutes in volleyball again come from the sport requiring such intense use of these muscles. However, there can also be health benefits to developing volleyball glutes.

The glute muscles control our balance and our stability when we’re on our feet. They hold up our entire torso, including your back. This means that any weakness or injury to your glute muscles can quickly translate to a back injury, which is a much bigger problem.

Volleyball players often will focus on building their ‘volleyball glutes’ to prevent back and spine injuries. Even if you don’t play, it’s a good idea to give attention to the glutes when working out, especially if you’re trying to get that ideal volleyball player body.


Volleyball Thighs – Closing Thoughts

So, that’s how you can get volleyball thighs quickly, easily, and without playing volleyball at all. If you do ever want to play, these exercises will prepare you for the court … but not on their own. Keep checking back for routines, tips, exercises and more to get that physique you’re dreaming of.

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