Uneven Chest Fat

Uneven Chest Fat – UPDATED 2022 – Causes, Fixes, Exercises

Nobody is built the same. Genetics means that some people will be taller than others, bigger than others, or build more muscle than others. Your genetics can’t be changed. So, there’s usually not much point worrying about areas of your body that are different because of them.

Uneven chest fat isn’t like that though. Sure, your excess of chest fat has a little bit to do with genetics…but it can also be controlled through proper diet, exercise, and understanding uneven chest fat.

That’s what this guide is for. We’re giving you causes, fixes, and exercises for uneven chest fat, to help you be happier with your pecs and chest muscles.


Uneven Chest Fat – A Complete Guide

Uneven chest fat is pretty self-explanatory. It means that the fat that builds up in your chest area is not distributed evenly across the chest.

This can make your pectoral muscles uneven, making one look bigger than the other for example. It’s the most common reason that people worry about uneven chest fat.

Even worse, uneven chest fat can manifest in the form of ‘moobs’. These are normal for an average-built guy, but for otherwise fit people it can be frustrating to have this one area store fat while the rest of you has muscle built.

What Causes Uneven Pec Development?

Uneven pec development can happen for a few reasons. The first is the build-up of a fat deposit in the chest is called pseudo-gynecomastia. However, uneven pec development can also be due to an enlarged glandular tissue in the chest. This is called gynecomastia.

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A pseudo-gynecomastia has a simple cause, and a simple solution; you’re not doing enough chest exercises, and you need to be. True gynecomastia is more complicated. These are usually caused by a hormone imbalance.

While oestrogen is usually thought of as ‘the female hormone’ and testosterone as ‘the male hormone’, both sexes have a balance of both of these.

Imbalance in women means that they have higher levels of testosterone. This can be the cause of conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Imbalance in men means that there is a higher level of oestrogen than testosterone. This is what leads to gynecomastia. The oestrogen hormone is what controls breast growth, and usually, men have such a small amount that it has no notable effect.

When an imbalance occurs, oestrogen levels can tip over to the point that they begin enlarging the breasts. Luckily, this is still pretty easy to fix.


The Best Uneven Chest Fix

As we mentioned, there are different causes for fixing uneven chest fat. The best uneven chest fat fix is going to depend on why you have uneven chest fat in the first place.

There’s a secret though. Whether your uneven chest fat is caused by a hormone imbalance, or by a fat deposit in your chest, the path to fixing it starts in the same place.

This is building a better mind-muscle connection.

Sounds crazy? Let us explain. Your whole body is connected to your brain. It’s what makes you able to lift weights in the first place. Your brain sends signals to your arms and other parts of the body, and then you just do it.

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Say you want to pick up a glass. Your conscious brain thinks something along the lines of “I need to pick up that glass”.

Because you’re a functioning adult, you know that you need to use your hand to pick up the glass. You rely on your brain to get from point A, the intention, to point B, the action.

Your conscious brain knows these steps, but it doesn’t know the processes of the body that happen in between…those being the processes that your muscles are involved in.

There lies the problem with the mind-muscle connection; your brain doesn’t associate actions with muscles, instead of with limbs or ‘areas’. The same goes for exercising. A weak mind-muscle connection will make it more difficult to build muscle and a much slower process.

Exercise for Uneven Chest

Exercise for Uneven Chest

Alright, so you’ve taken that first step. Your mind-muscle connection is pretty solid, or maybe it was, to begin with. Now let’s move on to an exercise for uneven chest fat.

These exercises will focus on engaging your chest and encouraging them to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

The best exercises for uneven chest fat will all use dumbbells. If you don’t have a pair of these, you can go to the gym and use some there. Buying some for yourself is a great investment though.

The best exercise for uneven chest fat is dumbbell flyes. Lie flat on a weight bench or an exercise mat, with one dumbbell in each hand.

Extend your arms outwards so that you’re in a T position. Then, bring your arms slowly up and towards each other. Touch the dumbbells together and bring your arms back down. 20 reps, 3 sets.

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Uneven Chest Bone Structure

Remember how we said that an uneven chest usually has a fixable cause? In some cases, that might not be true. You might just have an uneven chest bone structure.

Similar to something like bad abs, this is just down to your genetics. This means that an uneven chest bone structure is difficult to fix, if not impossible without surgery.

Now for the good news. If you work hard, follow proper techniques for balancing fat burning and building muscle, the difference might be noticeable. This assumes that you have a minor uneven bone structure.

Some medical conditions can cause the bones in your ribcage to be wildly uneven, and therefore very noticeable. In this case, the only option is usually surgery.


Uneven Chest Fat – Closing Thoughts

In summary, uneven chest fat is something that can happen without noticing it at first. It may continue until it becomes more of an issue. Luckily in most cases, it can be managed by focusing on the right exercises and improving your muscle to mind connection.
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