Bicep Gap

Dealing With Bicep Gap Between Forearm – A Complete Guide

Have you noticed that you have a bicep gap? Don’t dismay! We can’t control our genetics. That’s the unfortunate truth. There are ways that you can help to make it look more aesthetic. In this article, we will go through everything you need to know about dealing with a bicep gap between forearm.

This complete guide has been updated for 2022 so you can get all the information you need for dealing with a bicep gap between forearm.


Bicep Gap – A Complete Guide

A bicep gap is when you have a noticeable gap between the crook of your elbow and your ‘lower biceps’. But can this be trained? Can this gap be closed? Well the answer is that you can make it look better, but you can’t fight genetics. This is also quite controversial with some bodybuilders talking about specific exercises to target biceps whereas others claim that nothing can be done. Some studies have shown that you can work on specific aspects of a muscle. This means there is potential for fixing a bicep gap.

The Best Bicep Gap Fix

The Best Bicep Gap Fix

Let’s go through the best ways to fix a bicep gap. First, you need to understand what we mean by biceps. There are two main heads of a bicep. The long one and the short one. They make up the muscle known as brachii. There is a lot of debate as to whether this muscle can be developed to fix a gap. However, you can target a different muscle. This is located in the lower portion of your upper arm. It is known as brachialis and by developing it you can build more size in the bicep. Whilst, this may not cure a gap completely, it can help with aesthetics. The ‘fix’ also depends on how bad your gap is.

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Here are two exercises that can work to help fix a bicep gap.

Dip Bar Lean
This exercise involves using dip bars and leaning on each side slowly. You should feel tension in your arm from assisting the weight. Switch sides every 5 seconds and continue the exercise for as long as you can. If you need an extra challenge, then you can add a weight belt. The dip bar lean specifically targets the brachialis in a unique way.

Standing Hammer Curl
You should pair the dip bar lean together with a standing hammer curl and do them both in a superset. Make sure you are squeezing with force on each rep and lower the weight slowly. Adding this exercise will help you target contractions in the brachialis. You’ll really feel the force of your biceps when doing both of these exercises.


What Causes Bicep Gap Between Forearms?

A bicep gap is mainly caused by genetic factors that are beyond your control. Some people have longer muscle bellies which may be closer to the joint. There can also be some tightness or flexibility issues Gaps can come in types of sizes and some may not even be noticeable. If you build greater muscle mass in your arms, then any gaps in attachment points will become less obvious.

Gap Between Bicep & Elbow? Here’s What To Do

Have you noticed a gap between your bicep and elbow? Here’s what you can start doing right away. Aside from the two exercises, you should also focus on building muscle mass in your forearms, biceps and triceps. It might not treat the gap directly, but it can make it look less noticeable.

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The best way to target your forearms is with supination curls as we mentioned above. These should be done in a standing hammer stance. Make sure you rotate your forearm while doing them. You should feel the tension in the areas surrounding the bicep gap.

More generally, you can do skull crushers, barbell bicep curls, and single arm overhead triceps extension. Make sure you really focus on the movement in the exercises to improve your flexibility. Try to do a comfortable weight for a larger number of reps and slowly increase this. By focusing on the movement, you will be able to target the muscles that can help to close the gap. Overall, there is one main thing you can do about a gap. Get to work in the gym.


Dealing With The 3 Finger Bicep Gap

The length of the gap can be subjective and not everyone will have the same appearance of a gap. A 1 finger gap isn’t that bad. Have you noticed that you can fit in 3 or 4 fingers? If that’s the case, it may look more noticeable. This means you will have to work even harder to fix that gap. It also means you might not get the same results. If a gap is severe, then intense exercise will not be enough to close it. You may need to switch your focus on arm exercises. Focus on the muscles you can actually control and don’t worry about a 3 finger bicep gap. Even some notable bodybuilders have had a gap of this size. The bigger your arms get, the less noticeable it will be.

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3 Finger Bicep Gap

Bicep Gap – Closing Thoughts

As you may have noticed, we all have different bodies and this means we can have ‘gaps’ that can make us look less than ideal. However, it isn’t the end of the world. You can’t change your genetics. But, you can control some aspects to make up for the gap. You can also change your own perception of a bicep gap and have a more positive body image.

If you have a bicep gap, your 2022 fitness goals should be focused on making your forearms bigger so they can pop out. No one will pay attention to your gap if your arms are growing. Take this as your motivation to go extra hard on those arm workouts.

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