Running Alone

Running Alone – Tips, Saftey & More – UPDATED 2022

Running by yourself can be an enjoyable and empowering haven and not only a great form of exercise. Running solo can provide multiple benefits from solitary to stress relief and better-controlled intensity.

However, running alone can sometimes be lonely and even boring. So, in this article, we put together some tips to make running solo more fun and safe. So, keep reading to find out more.

Best Tips For Running Alone

During the past few years, social distancing due to the COVID-19 virus has made solo running more common. Many people took up running as a form of exercise and a way to leave lockdown.

Solo runs, however, are very common. Many people run solo because of their schedule, training, weather, or many other reasons.

For these people making their run enjoyable, and keeping themselves motivated is important. As it is only them pushing themselves out the door and through a workout.

Below are some tips to get your mind and motivation in the right place.

A time to engage your mind
For extroverts running solo can feel boring and lonely. Extroverts are used to being social and around people. So, running alone can often cause many problems for this type of person. However, a run is only as boring as you make it. So, let your mind wander, zone out and enjoy the surroundings.

Listen to Music or a Podcast
Both music and a podcast is a great way to keep the mind busy. For easy runs, put on a podcast or audiobook. then for more intense runs, listen to your favorite music. Music will help increase motivation and push you through the hardest parts of your workout, while audiobooks can let your mind engage in something else than running.

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Enjoy nature and the surroundings
Running and exercising outdoors and in nature has been proven to improve mood, motivation, and more. So, at least once a week leave your headphones at home and pick an interesting route. Then enjoy the scenery and soak up the feeling of peacefulness.

Vary your training
Running the same distance or the same workout all the time can get boring. Try varying your training, it will not only motivate you but will also help to improve your overall fitness. So, mix distance runs with tempo runs, hill workouts, and intervals. Then when you get to your long run on the weekend, you can ease back the pace and enjoy the surroundings.

Running Solo

Safety Tips For When Running Solo

Running alone doesn’t just require motivation, a change of surroundings, and a variation of training, it also requires some safety aspects. Running by yourself, especially at night can be a little risky, depending on where you live. Below are some tips to help you run safely by yourself.

– Carry identification
– Inform friends and family of where you are headed
– Wear reflective clothing
– Carry a phone
– Always run in visible areas

If you mostly run in daylight, it is wise to run with a GPS watch. A GPS is a great tool if you take the wrong turn and need to find your way home. Alternatively, it can also help to track where you have been and often people can follow this through Garmin live tracking.

If you head out for a long run or into the forest, make sure you take a lightweight jacket. This is important if the weather changes or you get lost. It provides backup clothing in case the temperature drops. The same goes with food, also take a gel or a small amount of food with you on the run. Not only will this prevent bonking, but provide some extra energy if the run ends up being longer than expected.

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Trail Running Alone

Trail Running Alone

Trail running alone requires some important safety measures, especially if you are out running for hours. Below are some important accessories you should take when heading into the trails.

– Food
– Water/Electrolyte drink
– Map/GPS watch
– Lightweight portable Jacket

All of the above will help you if you take the wrong turn. Often runners end up taking the wrong trail and end up being longer than planned. Carrying a map and the above accessories can help prepare you for this, and they won’t take up much room in a small backpack.

Running Alone as a Woman

Running alone as a woman can often feel scary, especially at night time.

While running alone is generally safe, it does have a small percentage of risk. However, if you are a woman or person of color these risks can be higher in certain countries or places.

However, if you are well prepared you should feel safer. Below are some quick tips if you are running alone as a woman.

– Carry a personal alarm
– Carry a phone with you
– Arm yourself with pepper spray
– Run with a dog
– Keep to populated area’s
– Run during daylight hours
– Use an app that can notify the police (Noonlight)
– Run in a group or with a friend

While some of the above tips for women may seem a little overkill, they can help you feel safer on your run. The most important thing is to let friends and family know when and where you are running if it is during the evening. However, in some countries running in daylight can also pose a risk. So, either run with a GPS tracking device or let your closest ones know.

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Generally running alone is safe in most places. However, there are always risks. If you are well prepared it can take the stress away from your run and let you enjoy the benefits running has to give.

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