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Triathlon Distance Of All Events 2021 – What To Know?

Since triathlon has grown from the days of non-drafting Olympic distance, there are now various triathlon distances available. Sprint distance races can vary in length, but most other triathlon distances are consistent. Events such as the half distance and full distance, are referred to as half Ironman and Ironman. But both distances are often called 70.3 and 140.6, which represents the total distance of the race.

Triathlon Distance and Events

Below is a guideline of triathlon distances. this follows the format of swim/bike/run:

Sprint Distance – 0.5mi (750m) 12.4mi (20km) 3.1mi (5km)
Olympic Distance – 0.93mi (1.5km) 24.8mi (40km) 6.2mi (10km)
ITU Long distance – 1.86mi (3km) 49.6mi (80km) 12.4mi (20km)
Half Distance/ 70.3 – 1.2mi (1.9km) 56mi (90km)13.1mi (21.09km)
Full Distance / 140.6 – 2.4mi (3.8km) 112mi (180km) 26.2mi (42.195km)

The most common distances are the Olympic distance, half distance, and full Ironman. Most of the time these events are completed over paved roads and in the sea. But often you might find that you must swim in a lagoon or river and the run my have some offroad sections.

So now you know the triathlon distances, what is a triathlon? A Tri event consists of swimming, cycling, and running. Each discipline is completed in that order. Between each discipline, the participant requires to transition between each event. This transition time also reflects on your overall triathlon distance time. You are thus testing both your endurance over just swimming, cycling or running alone.

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These events are set the same way a marathon. Each triathlon distance divides competitors into different age groups based on sex and age. The average person racing is considered an age grouper while the more experienced athletes are referred to as elite or professionals.

Triathlon Distance Rules – What to Know?

During each event, triathlon has set rules. They try to provide a level playing field that both ensure safety and fairness. If you break these rules during a triathlon event, you can receive a penalty of up to 12 minutes and in a worst-case scenario disqualification from the race.

With the race rules being so many, here are some basic outlines of the most common standards that apply to all triathlon distances.

1. You cannot leave the marked course for any reason, doing so mean you must reenter the course at the same spot.
2. No participant is allowed outside assistance. Only race officials can provide support during an event.
3. All audio devices or headsets are not permitted at any time during the event.
4. Glass containers or bottles are not allowed. Doing so will result in immediate disqualification.

The sport is continually growing, with over four million people in the U.S. that compete in triathlon each year. Out of this number, there is a small percentage that is aiming towards qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. But most of your beginner triathletes are just aiming to get to the finish line no matter the distance.

If your part of this second group just looking to finish your first event, SportCoaching can help plan out your training and help you reach the finish line in top shape. Which helps provide an enjoyable experience along the way.

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