advanced triathlon training plan

Advanced Triathlon Training Plan – Triathlon Coaching Vs Triathlon Training Plan

If you are an experienced triathlete or come from a past endurance sport, you may be looking for an advanced triathlon training plan.
Before you start your season, you should look for help to structure your training and race season. The options are unlimited and investing in a triathlon training plan is a great way to get your training on track.

Advanced Triathlon Training Plan

When it comes to advice on coaching and guides, it is not a one size fits all answer. The extensive training needed for an experienced triathlete is much higher than the beginner. Your overall goals are essential to understand when looking for an advanced triathlon training plan or coach.

1. Some key questions to ask yourself are:
2. What distance is your focus?
3. Is your goal to finish or place high in your age group?
4. What is your current level of fitness?
5. How much time do you have to train?
6. What is your budget?

Triathlon Coaching Vs Triathlon Training Plan

When you are looking to advance your triathlon fitness to a new level, there are plenty of tri coaches and advanced triathlon training plans around. Each has a different budget and provide a different set of experiences. Make sure you know the feedback you want, and the motivation you think you will need.

Having a plan is essential and knowing how vital each session should be. Getting a tri coach might be the most expensive option, but this is a logical solution if you have enough experience in triathlon.

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If you are doing an Ironman or half ironman, we suggest finding a qualified coach with plenty of reviews. The coach should be able to review your training plan and provide feedback weekly or more.

If your budget allows, a triathlon coach can help you improve drastically. Not only will they customize the program around your lifestyle and goals, but they will also provide advice both leading up to the event and during the event.

Many coaches are based local and online
Ironman offers a coach pairing service
Many coaches provide camps to not only their athletes but to everyone.

Online Training for Triathletes

The great news in 2019 is many tri coaches are online, meaning you have access to a qualified coach online at your fingertips. These coaches offer an analysis of your training, a bespoke training plan and feedback on your workouts.

Finding the right training plan for you can be a long process. First, you need to find a suitable one for your level of fitness. Most programs online are based around the beginner triathlete and far to easy for the experienced triathlete. Other programs may be above your fitness level and over the long term cause fatigue and also injury.

Spend time looking for the advanced triathlon training plan suited to you and even speak with other athletes that may have been using a similar program.

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