100km ultramarathon training plan

100km Ultra Marathon Training Plan – Run Faster Over A Longer Distance

If you are looking to complete over the 100km distance, a 100km ultramarathon training plan is essential. Deciding to run a 100km event takes planning and preparation. So putting together to your 100km ultramarathon training plan takes time. Because of this, we have provided some help along the way.

Ultramarathon Training Plan

Running 100km is no small feat; it is a severe test of the body and mind. So when you prepare for your first 100km event, there are a few guidelines to follow.

Planning enough time into your 100km ultramarathon training plan is one of the first steps. Make sure you work backward from the event so you can calculate the time needed to train. If you do this, it will prevent you from cramming your training into a short period.

If you are a beginner, you must build the mileage up safely and focus on consistency and volume rather than speed in the early stages.

You must spend most of your time building your mileage, as the body has to adapt to being on foot for many hours. Plan your longest run up to 50% of the distance and try to increase your long run each week. Then make sure you include a recovery week every 4-5 weeks.

Running an ultramarathon is comparable to a marathon, although the distance is longer, the training principles are similar. You should be including one long slow run each week. During this time, you must complete at least one 50km run before your event.
You should be structuring your longest run in the latter stages of your training. This means that the build-up to the longest run will take time and planning. Building up to the longest run is vital to the distance of the long run.

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No two ultra races are the same. Make sure you include technical training into your 100km ultramarathon training plan. Trail running requires different muscles and balance to running on the road. Make sure each week you spend part of your runs on the trails or similar terrain to your race.

100km training plan

Planning Your Ultramarathon Training

Below are some critical factors to considering when writing a 100km ultramarathon training plan. While there are numerous more, this is enough to get you started on your journey.

Plan recovery weeks
During this recovery week, both the duration and intensity should drop. It is vital in your 100km ultramarathon training plan that you allow for enough recovery. Doing so will prevent overtraining, injuries, and fatigue. Planning in recovery weeks should be based around your condition, fitness, and fatigue in your training plan. During your training, if there are periods of excess fatigue, make sure you take the necessary recovery.

Include Core training
The 100km ultra run is all about endurance and muscular strength. Because of this, it is essential to incorporate some core strength training into your 100km ultramarathon training plan. Cross-training and core training can help break up the monotony of training but also help to keep your body functioning as it should. So instead of increasing mileage continuously to look for other areas of improvement.

Pick the right ultra race
Whether you are new to ultra running or experienced, picking the right event is essential. Choose the event that suits your characteristics as a runner. Meaning if you struggle with heat and humidity, selecting this type of race will increase the chances of not finishing. If you choose a race that doesn’t suit your characteristics, make sure you prepare accordingly.

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Practice race nutrition
Practicing your race nutrition is as essential as the training itself. Testing different fueling options throughout your 100km ultramarathon training plan is necessary. Nutrition is particular to each person, and getting this correct will help prevent stomach issues and fatigue during the race. Trial different energy products and food to find the best solution for you.

training plan for 100k

Consistency Is The key

Remember, consistency in training pays out big in the end. The more consistent you can be with your training, the better the results. Take your time and allow for a complete build-up to the ultramarathon and don’t take shortcuts.


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