Ottermode Body Type

Ottermode Body Type – UPDATED 2022 – A Complete Guide

Body types come under two categories. There are the body types that are controlled by your genetics, sometimes called your figure. These include the hourglass figure, the rounded figure, the triangle figure, and more.

On the other hand, you have body types that can be achieved by working out and having good fitness habits. These body types are used as motivational goals for people who are starting to work out and are used as a measure of progress.

You’ve probably heard of some of the more common body types: the athletic body type, for example. But have you heard of the Ottermode body type? This is a shape that’s associated with swimmers and is characterized by a lean build with some light muscle definition.

How to get an ottermode body? This guide has everything you need to know about the ottermode body type, workouts, answers to your questions, and more.


What is Ottermode? A Complete Guide

So, first things first, what is ottermode? And why is it called the ottermode body type? As we mentioned the ottermode body is also known as the swimmer physique. It makes sense then, why this swimmer body type gets its name.

The animal’s otters are some of the fastest and strongest swimmers on the planet, being able to reach speeds of over 5 miles per hour when underwater, and almost 1 mile per hour when above water. Otters swim by stretching their body and propelling themselves with their feet.

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The ottermode body type takes inspiration from a few factors of the otter; their thin frames and their powerful legs. If you’re aiming for the ottermode body type, then you’re not doing it because you want to look like an otter though.

Instead, those described as having the ottermode body type have a low body fat percentage but also low muscle definition. Rather than a countable 6 or 8 pack, they have a flat and toned stomach where you can see a rough outline of the abs.


Understanding the Ottermode Body Type

When understanding the ottermode body type, we need to look at its benefits and its perception. People look at the ottermode as the peak ‘skinny’ build. It’s a milestone of having a lean frame, while also being muscular.

While the goal for a lot of people is to build muscle, some are turned off by the super-defined ‘bodybuilder’ aesthetic. At the same time, they want evidence that they’ve been putting in the hours at the gym.

Another great thing about the ottermode body type is that it’s friendly to beginners. By looking at it, you can tell that it looks like a pretty normal body type. No matter your current body type, the ottermode can be seen as achievable because it’s the kind of body that you see on regular people.


Ottermode Workout Plan

The key factors about the ottermode are quite simple, low-fat percent, a little bit of muscle definition. With that in mind, if you’re confident enough and at an intermediate level when it comes to fitness, you could freestyle it and do what works for you to get the ottermode body.

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On the other hand, you might not be familiar with fitness, and you might be coming into it knowing the destination but not the route to get there. That’s ok! Luckily, there are tons of workout plans available that are designed to put you on the path to the ottermode body.

One of the most effective ottermode workout plans comes in the form of a 30-day challenge. This is perfect for beginners as it focuses on gradual progression from 0 to hero and will be effective even with very little exercise experience.

The 30-day ottermode workout plan only has 3 exercises: squats, push-ups, and flutter kicks. These 3 exercises each focus on developing a different feature of the ottermode body. Squats will help you burn fat, push-ups will burn muscle, and flutter kicks will develop strong leg muscles.


Ottermode Body Fat Percentage

A lot like other types of ‘ideal’ fit bodies, the ottermode body fat percentage is much lower than the average person. The average American has between 28% and 40% body fat – in comparison, someone with the ottermode body type has between 5 and 11% body fat.

If you’re currently above this, then you might be wondering how to decrease your body fat percentage? It takes a combination of factors. Working out regularly will need to become part of your routine. The ottermode workout plan will be great, but if you’re at a much higher body fat you’ll need to do more.

The best fat-burning exercises are walking, jogging, running, strength and weight training, and swimming. A good start would be any cardiovascular exercise, as these are easy for beginners, great for burning fat, and have a lot of other health benefits.

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Ottermode vs Athletic – How Does it Differ?

The athletic body type is probably the most popular fitness-focused physique and is often looked to as the ideal. However, what’s the difference between ottermode vs athletic body types? Is one better than the other?

When you look at body types on a scale, the ottermode is seen as 1 step below the athletic body type. It’s a step on the way to the athletic body, but it’s a step that a lot of people are comfortable with stopping at and focusing their effort on maintaining.

One of the key differences between the two is the muscle definition; people with an athletic body type will have visible biceps and abs, as well as more pronounced shoulder muscles. Ottermode body types on the other hand can be mistaken for being skinny unless you look closely.

The athletic body type isn’t better than the ottermode either; they’re both healthy body types and are both proof of the hard work and effort someone has put into getting that physique, and both are equally as impressive and desirable to the average person.


Ottermode Body Type – Closing Thoughts

In summary, the ottermode body type, or the swimmer’s physique, is a body type that many people aim for due to its subtle take on the well-built figure. It’s also a body type that’s easy to aspire to and can be achieved with just 3 simple exercises.

Want to burn fat, build muscle, and increase your strength just like someone with the ottermode body has? Check out our workout guides, diet plans, tips, and more!

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