Gymnastic Push Up

Gymnastic Push Up – UPDATED 2022 – A Complete Guide

Do you want to learn about the gymnastic push up? We have you covered. Learn more about this exercise, the specific benefits and how to get started.

Gymnastics Push Up – A Complete Guide

As you may be aware, the push up is one of the most effective and simple exercises. It works your upper body and helps you develop strength. Most people can work their way up to doing multiple push ups and it is a tried and tested exercise that gets results.

But, did you know there’s a gymnastics variation that offers fantastic results. If you want increased flexibility and better core engagement, then it may be for you. The push up starts with depressed shoulders and protracted shoulder blades. Throughout the movement you squeeze your glutes and tense your abs. This gives you a more intense variation in comparison to a regular pushup.


Getting Started With Hollow Body Push Up

This exercise has many names and it is also commonly referred to as a hollow body push up. The movement works your body harder and applies more strain, which makes it vital to have the right preparation. The hollow position is where your back is not arched. This makes the push up safer whilst increasing the load on your hands. The hollow position is fantastic for other movements and it is something worth practicing. You will have the correct position if your abs are contracted as much as possible and your back is nicely rounded. If you do this, then you will be able to increase the strain on your core and expend energy more efficiently.

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You should begin in a solid plank position. Then slowly hollow out your lower back. Make sure your hips are as low as possible when doing this. You should make sure the upper part of your spine is correctly hollowing out. You can then start to lower yourself to the ground, but make sure you hold this hollow position firm. Avoid flaring out your elbows and ensure they are tightly tucked in.

Gymnastic Push Up Benefits

There are a variety of gymnastic push up benefits that make it a worthwhile regular exercise.

Better core workout

The gymnastic push up works your core to the max so you can expect a serious workout. This will help you develop muscles in this area and give you a better grounding for other exercises. It will help you work more muscles and train like an athlete.


It reduces the strain on your back which makes it a safer exercise overall. This helps to prevent injury and means you can lessen your worry about potential back pain.

Stronger and more stable position

The hollow position of a gymnastic push up is more stable than the typical type. This puts your body in the ideal position to use your energy and to avoid injury. It is a fantastic exercise to build all round strength in your body. You can use the same hollow position for other exercises. It will help with handstands, pull ups and planches.

Different type of challenge

A gymnastic push up helps to switch up your workout routine. This can be particularly useful if you are stalling on your current program. It gives you a different way to work those muscles, yet it is still fairly simple to learn.

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Push Ups On Gymnastic Rings

Push Ups On Gymnastic Rings

One way to perform a push up is on gymnastic rings. You can get the same movement by using these rings, and it can be helpful to beginners and experts alike. Many athletes are able to supplement an upper body strength training program by making good use of push ups on gymnastic rings. They are especially useful if you want to make the exercise more progressively challenging.

Gymnastic rings are one of the most cost-effective training aids that you can buy. They are versatile and super helpful for upper body strength exercises. You can adjust the intensity by pulling the rings further away from the ground. You can also extend the straps. A ring push up is done by pulling down on the rings and then bringing them back up. They will give you a fantastic core workout and help you build greater stability in your shoulder muscles.


V Ups In Gymnastics – What You Should Know?

A V Up is a gymnastics movement that helps you develop a firm and tight midline. You start in a lying down position. Make sure your hands are extended. You can then touch your hands to your toes. Don’t get caught out – this isn’t a slow movement! You have to be quick to make the exercise easier. If you can’t get the full v position, don’t worry. Simply bend your knees to reduce the range of motion. V Ups are a perfect core exercise to help develop abs and upper body strength. They will get your abs working for sure!

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V Ups make use of the hollow position that we mentioned earlier. So you should make sure that your abs are fully engaged and that your lower back is touching the ground. Don’t arch your back when lying down as this can cause pain. Also, make sure you start the move with your upper body rather than your legs. Start off with 3 sets of 12 reps and progress from there. One movement counts as one rep. If you keep your form correct, you will begin to notice some core definition in no time.


Gymnastics Push Up – Closing Thoughts

You will now have a much clearer idea on what the gymnastics push up is and why you should start doing it. All exercises need variation from time to time and the hollow position is one that can be important to learn. Gymnasts already take advantage of it, but you can also take one of their best kept secrets for your fitness goals in 2022.

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