Durante Core Workout – A Complete Guide to Core Complex CrossFit

Durante Core Workout – A Complete Guide

No matter what type of workout you’re doing, one of the essential parts of your body that you’ll need to use is your core. Your core is the group of muscles that encompasses your stomach and pelvic area, and good core strength is essential to maintaining proper posture.

However, a common mistake that many CrossFit enthusiasts make is that they don’t take time in their routine to do a complex that strengthens their core. This might be because core workouts can be difficult to find and might not be effective.

This is where the Durante Core workout comes in; developed by the former USA Gymnast Dave Durante, this is an abs workout that requires no equipment at all, making it a perfect home workout. It’s fast, it’s intense, and most importantly it gets results.

This guide will give you all the information you need about how to get started with the Durante Core workout, how it can improve your CrossFit performance and more.

Core Complex in CrossFit

A complex is a workout routine that uses the same equipment, the same weight, and takes as little as 15 minutes. They remove the breaks and rest periods between exercises and are designed to be intense, short-burst exercises.

Core complexes only use simple equipment like a set of dumbbells, but you can find routines that use no equipment. What’s so great about them is that they’re flexible, and you can change the exercises to your skill level or to match the equipment you have.

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Core strength is essential for success in CrossFit because it’s the center of most of the exercises you’ll be doing. Maintaining core strength will make workouts feel great and most importantly it will protect you from serious injury.

It’s also about a lot more than just ab strength – it’s about stability, allowing you to keep your central area neutral while performing CrossFit exercises. You’ll be able to measure an increase in your core strength by being able to do CrossFit exercises effortlessly and feeling comfortable to push yourself to the next level of CrossFit routines.

Because complexes have no rest period in between exercises, one of the essential tips to success with a core complex is to pace yourself. You should start from the easiest exercise and work up to doing the more difficult ones at the end.

You should also make sure that you warm up sufficiently before any core complex, as they’re a high-intensity exercise that can make you susceptible to injury without the right preparations. Despite this, core complexes are the best way to maintain and improve your core strength for CrossFit exercises.

Durante Core WOD With No Equipment

Durante Core WOD With No Equipment – Getting Started

To get started with the Durante Core workout, all you need is space. It’s recommended that you use a yoga mat or an exercise mat, as the Durante Core exercises all require you to be lying down. An exercise mat provides a non-slip, comfortable surface for the routine.

As with any exercise, you should also perform a warm-up routine. The standard CrossFit warm-up has Samson Stretches, Sit-ups, Pull-ups, and dips; but there are lots of variations on this warm-up that might be better for you. You should at least focus on warm-ups that prioritize the core area before doing the Durante Core workout, such as sit-ups and crunches.

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In total, Dave Durante has developed 3 Durante Core routines. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved for the first Durante Core WOD routine:

5 Rounds for Time
10 Hollow Rocks
10 V-Ups
10 Tuck Ups
10 second Hollow Hold
1-minute Rest

On average, the workout should take you 15 minutes. For your first few times doing the Durante Core, however, you might take more time than this – that’s normal as you might still be getting used to the intensity and the pace of the workout.

For adaptations, you can increase the rest time after each round. You can also spread out the exercises more, for example doing 5 of each exercise and then taking a short break, but instead doing 10 rounds to compensate.

The second Durante Core focuses on arch exercises. The routine for this is as follows:

5 Rounds
10 Arch Rocks
10 Arch Ups
10 second Arch Hold
1-minute Rest

This Durante Core is a little shorter and will take around 10 minutes on average. This should be done as an addition to your WOD and works best as an ending to it before your cool-down workout.

If you want a more intense version of this Durante Core workout, you can add more reps to each exercise. You can also try to remove the 1-minute rest after each round, and instead, go 2 rounds and then take a break.

The third Durante Core is split into two parts, with one focusing on rocks and the other focusing on holds. The steps for the Durante Core 3 Rocks complex are:

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5 Rounds
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Alligator Rolls
10 Arch Rocks
1-minute Rest

Dave Durante recommends setting a goal for each exercise as completing all the reps in 60 seconds. As you build strength and endurance, you can try and increase the reps you can fit into this timeframe

And finally, here is how you do the Durante Core 3 Holds complex:

5 Rounds
10 seconds Hollow Hold
10 Alligator Rolls
10 seconds Arch Hold
1-minute Rest

For these exercises, the most important thing to remember is that it’s quality over quantity; focus on keeping a good form rather than completing the reps quickly.

Core Complex CrossFit

Durante Core Workout – Closing Thoughts

One of the most important things about CrossFit is that it’s not just a workout that you do a couple of times a week and then forget about; it’s a lifestyle that you need to be committed to. The Durante Core helps with this by being an easy, daily routine you can do that will have a measurable, visible impact on your CrossFit training.

We hope this guide has motivated you to keep improving and keep training. For more about the Durante Core workout, CrossFit guides, routines, and core strength complexes, keep an eye on our site.

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