Cycling 1 hour a Day Weight Loss

Cycling 1 hour a Day Weight Loss – Does it Work? UPDATED 2021

Let’s face it, more and more nations are fighting a weight problem, and maybe more people should look at cycling for 1 hour a day for weight loss.

Even though there are diet plans and programs around most people struggle to keep weight off. Researches have found that the best way to lose weight is through regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Obviously, this is easier said than done. However, only spending 1 hour a day cycling can help you improve your overall health and help you lose those dreaded kilo’s. In this article we discuss whether cycling 1 hour a day can help with weight loss and what results should you expect.

How Much Cycling to Lose Weight – What You Should Know?

If you are new to a fitness regime and looking to get on a bike to lose weight. You may be wondering how much cycling is needed to lose weight. And how much can you expect to lose?

Unfortunately, it is not a straightforward answer, as everyone’s metabolism works differently. Also, the speed, distance, intensity, and current fitness will all play a large role in how much weight you lose when starting cycling.

However, in general, you should expect to burn around 400-600 calories per hour on the bike. That means if you ride a bike every day, you can expect to burn an extra 4,000 calories per week. This equates to roughly a pound of fat.

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So for the person that is new to a fitness regime such as cycling, you can expect to see weight loss relatively soon. However, as your body adapts to the training and becomes more efficient, you will need to increase the time on the bike to see the same results.

10 km Cycling Weight Loss

10 km Cycling Weight Loss – What to Expect?

Don’t expect to see rapid weight loss if you’re just cycling 10km once a week. However, if you follow a regular training plan of cycling 10km multiple times a week, you should start to see weight loss within a few weeks. Of course don’t expect to see a rapid weight decline, as cycling will roughly burn around 200-400 calories per 30 minutes, which is roughly around how long it takes for a beginner to cycle 10km.

It is important to know though if you are starting to cycle as a form of exercise to lose weight, you must also look after your diet. That means eliminating any dead calories such as juices, candy, jams, pastries, and butter. Doing so will help decrease the number of calories your body takes in each week.

How Much Cycling to Lose 1kg?

If you are wondering how much cycling it takes to lose 1kg of fat, it’s much more than you think. However, there are lots of variables that go into calculating weight loss and how much cycling is needed to lose 1kg. That being said, a basic calculation to workout energy expenditure is by calculating:

Average watts x time in hours x 3.6

That means if you average 100 watts for 1 hour you should expect to burn around 360 calories. For two hours, you would then burn around 720 calories. However, it is important to note that to lose 1kg of fat you would need to burn close to 7,700 calories.

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For most people that is near impossible to burn 7,700 calories on a single ride. So to lose 1kg of fat you need to have a deficit of 7,700 calories over a week. That means cycling for 90-120 mins a day should roughly get you there in a week.

Unfortunately, for most people starting cycling, spending 90-120 minutes on the bike each day is not possible. Their muscles and endurance need to develop to handle the load. So, based on that, if you are starting cycling to lose weight, you should expect to lose 1kg of weight within 2-3 weeks. That means from cycling 1 hour a day weight loss should be around 1kg every 2 weeks or so, once your body can handle the load.

How Much Indoor Cycling to Lose Weight?

How Much Indoor Cycling to Lose Weight?

If you are doing most of your cycling indoors on a stationary bike or indoor trainer, how much indoor cycling to lose weight is needed vs outside cycling?

Usually, you should expect to see more calories burned cycling indoors than outside for the same duration or distance. This is mainly because of the lack of freewheeling you experience when indoors. Downhills and tailwinds are often the cause of freewheeling when outside. So you should expect anywhere between 5-10% of your outside ride not pedaling. Whereas indoor cycling only sees around 1-2% of the time spent on the bike freewheeling.

So, just like outside riding, you will need to cycle for at least 1 hour to burn more than 600 calories. And to see a drop in weight, you will need to cycle for at least 3 days a week to expect to see any kind of weight loss.

Cycling Training Plan for Weight Loss – Mountain Bike or Road Bike?

Cycling Training Plan For Weight Loss

If you are struggling to cycle 1 hour a day for weight loss, SportCoaching provides customized training programs based on your lifestyle and goals. If your goal is to lose 1kg or 10kg, SportCoaching can build a weight loss training plan to help you lose weight by cycling.

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Training plans start at $30usd for a one-off training plan and $90usd monthly for unlimited contact with our coach and a dynamic training plan that adapts consistently around your fitness and lifestyle.

For more information check out our cycling training plan for weight loss or our collection of cycling, running, and triathlon training plans.


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