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Beginner Triathlon Training – UPDATED 2020 – Beginner Tri Training

The first time triathlete is at a disadvantage when it comes to learning how to compete in a triathlon and knowing how to put together a beginner triathlon training plan.
Getting your body used to a lot of training, and working to improve technique and endurance are necessary for any triathlete to have success at their new sport.

If you are a beginner getting into triathlon you will need to do a lot of endurance training, which means you will need to swim, cycle, or run, depending on the distance you want to compete in.

If you haven’t ridden a bicycle in many years, then start there. It may take some time to get back into shape, but if you stick with it your fitness will quickly improve. Just make sure you don’t jump the gun and start too hard. Remember consistency is the key here and if you think you will struggle with this hire a triathlon coach.

There are many things that you can do as a beginner to stay in shape, but for those first-time triathletes, there is the importance of not overworking your muscles. There is a difference between training hard and training too hard. If you over-train not only your muscles and body will struggle to cope with the overload but the brain will too. This is often why beginner triathlon training is so important in the early stages.


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Training For a Beginner Triathlete

Training for a beginner triathlete means you must be a very dedicated and focused person without over complicating things. It takes a lot of energy to compete in a triathlete event. You have to be focused, patient, and willing to try out different things and see what works best for you. It may take some time to find the right beginner triathlon training plan, but once you have found it you will be able to enjoy the process of entering your first triathlon

As a beginner triathlete, you need to keep yourself motivated. You may have a good body, but unless you have a strong will you will be frustrated if you are not achieving what you set out to do. A good 12-week, 16-week, or 20-week beginner triathlon training plan is necessary for you to make gradual steps towards your goal. It will take some time to find the perfect training plan, but the rewards will be worth it when you enter your first triathlon.
Don’t be discouraged if you struggle at first. Triathletes make up their own rules so enjoy the process and make sure you pick a triathlon distance you are comfortable with.

I feel that it is important that you have the opportunity to learn about triathlon from a professional athlete or professional coach, since you are a beginner triathlete and may be afraid to ask questions. Make sure you ask as many questions as possible, no matter how simple.



Beginner Triathlon Mistakes

It is not uncommon for the beginner triathlete to make simple mistakes in their journey to race day. This is how we naturally learn and develop and ultimately get smarter with our training.


Triathlon Training Mistake Number 1:
Not planning progressively There are a few triathletes out there who are just starting out in triathlon racing. They want to get into shape and have fun at the same time, so they start their triathlon training by riding a stationary bike, swimming a couple of laps, then running a little bit. They typically try to cram in as much training as possible in the beginner when their motivation is high. While this sounds all good in theory, the triathlete usually results in a lot of pain and frustration and ends up giving up on getting in shape, and often they don’t even make the start line.


Triathlon Training Mistake Number 2:
Not planning ahead – In many triathletes’ case, triathlon racing is one of the hardest parts of their training because they don’t have a very defined training plan. They ride the bike a couple of days, swim a couple of days, then do some brick runs and rest a lot before the big race. This often ends up with very inconsistent training during the build-up.


Beginner Triathlon Training Plan


Beginner Triathlon Training Plan

If you are entering your first triathlon SportCoaching has a range of beginner training plans for triathlon that cater from the complete beginner up to the more experienced triathlete.

These beginner triathlon training plans are custom built around your lifestyle and developed with you in mind. This means each training program is aimed directly and getting to the start line in the best possible shape. No injuries, no burnouts, and motivated more than ever.

Some of the plans we provide are:

16 Week Beginner sprint triathlon training plan
16 Week Beginner Olympic distance training plan
18 Week Half Ironman beginner training plan
36 Week Beginner Ironman Training Plan


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