12 Week Half Ironman Training Plan

12 Week Half Ironman Training Plan – 16 Week Plan For Half Ironman

The reason for the popularity of a Half Ironman is the format of the event. The 1.9km swim, 90km Bike, and the 21km run cater to the stronger runner and cyclist. With the mid-distance bike leg, this allows the weak swimmers to catch up for the lost time.

12 Week Half Ironman Training Plan

A 12 week half Ironman training plan is important to those triathletes with a background in the sport. Typically 12 weeks isn’t enough time for the beginner to prepare for an Ironman 70.3 event. If you are a beginner looking to event your first event, we would recommend our 36 week half Ironman training plan instead. This gives the beginner enough time to get comfortable with swimming and increase their run and bike fitness.

For the beginner its important to focus on consistency and allow the body to slowly adapt to the rigors of training three sports.

If you have already built up a base of cycling, running and swimming, 12 week half Ironman training plan or a 16 week half Ironman training plan allows the triathlete enough time to fine-tune their preparation. This gives you enough time to implement brick sessions, threshold and specific workouts towards your event. With this being said, the program will have planned rest weeks, fitness tests as well as specific periodization up until your event.

We at sportCoaching don’t believe in prebuilt training plans. While these may work for some, the majority of us won’t. These pre-made triathlon plans don’t cater to your lifestyle and neither fitness or your experience in triathlon.

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Since monthly coaching is not viable for every athlete, SportCoaching has decided to offer the best of both worlds. A 70.3 training plan that is custom-built for you without the monthly cost of a coach. You still get the knowledge behind the program and past training analysis, just without the ongoing feedback and workout analysis.
There are plenty of plans to choose from and we can also provide a custom-built plan for as long as you need, just contact us for a custom quote.

18 week Half Ironman Training Plan

Training plans available

Right now we focus on three core groups. The experienced triathlete, Intermediate triathlete, and the beginner triathlete. Each core group of triathletes has the option to choose from a 16 week half Ironman training plan, 18 week half Ironman training plan, 36 weeks or a custom plan. Our plans start from 259USD and give you a 60-minute consultation with our coach to look over your past training. This allows us to provide you the best possible plan towards your event.

Click below to see the list of half Ironman training programs available.

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