Why Does My Throat Hurt After Running

Why Does My Throat Hurt After Running

If you are an avid runner, you would have experienced a dry, sore throat after running. While this is a common occurrence with runners, it doesn’t always mean it’s normal.

In this article today, we answer a question often searched – Why does my throat hurt after running? We also show you how to prevent and stop your throat from getting sore after a run. So, read on to learn more.


What Causes A Sore Throat After Running

Sore throats when running or even exercising don’t just happen when you are ill or have the flu. It can be caused by many things out of your control. This includes running in a dry environment, or even an over-air-conditioned gym. The lack of humidity can end up making your throat through feel dry when under 40%.

Other factors that can cause a dry sore throat include running and exercising in smoky air. This causes the delicate membranes located inside your mouth and throat to get irritated.

Lastly, it can be caused by nasal obstruction and acid reflux. This is usually caused by poor airflow, which makes it harder to oxygenate during exercise.

However, if you are to speak with a doctor, they will tell you that the most common reason for your throat to feel sore after running is an environmental one. It is actually caused by your mouth being constantly open when running. This causes your throat and mouth to dry out as you run. This is also more prominent when humidity is low.

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Is It Normal For Your Throat To Burn After Running?

For many runners, it is normal to have a sore throat after running, especially in humid weather. However, this shouldn’t be a common occurrence, rather become more sporadic or with more intense sessions. This is because (when working harder) your breathing becomes harder and cells located in the trachea start to become dehydrated. Once these cells become dehydrated, irritation starts to happen, resulting in a sore throat after your run.


How Can I Stop My Throat From Hurting When I Run?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any simple solutions to stop your throat from hurting when you run. However, there are some temporary solutions to help your throat feel more comfortable during a run.

This includes switching to breathing through your nose or alternating breathing between the mouth and nose. While this may work during slow easy runs, harder more intense workouts will make the session much more difficult.

Another option includes wearing a mask. A mask can help trap moisture you are exhaling and helps you breathe back in moist air. This can help reduce dryness and keeps the throat and mouth lubricated during your run. Alternatively, you can also try a thin scarf or buff. Unfortunately for most people, this will make running in warmer conditions harder.

Last but not least is chewing gum when you run. By chewing gum, you can help the mouth and throat stay lubricated. There are numerous types of running gum on the market that can also help improve performance (caffeine).

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