Why Do I Taste Blood When Running

Why Do I Taste Blood When Running

For many runners the taste of blood in the mouth during an intense workout is normal. For others, it is a new experience that can be perplexing to most.

In this article, we discuss why you may taste blood when you running, especially during an intense workout.


What Causes A Bloody Or Metallic Taste In Your Mouth During Running?

If you experience a blood taste in your mouth when running it can come from a variety of causes. The causes can come from mucous membrane irritation, old metal fillings, and lactic acid build-up.

However, most physicians and exercise physiologists say that the taste is caused by an accumulation of air pressure in the sacs of the lungs. this is because the heart must work harder, which leads to a build-up of fluid in the lungs, which is called pulmonary edema. This is most common in runners with low cardiovascular fitness or when training in cold or dry air conditions.

When this fluid builds up, it creates pressure and leakage of red blood cells. This leakage gets into the air sacs of the lungs and starts to release hemoglobin from red blood cells.

When doing intense running sessions, or any workout for that matter, the excess hemoglobin that has been released heads into the mouth through the bronchi. Once this is released, the molecules come into contact with the tongue and send a message to our brain that we taste a metallic or bloody taste.

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Luckily for most people, there is no medical concern. However, it can be a sign that you need to increase your cardiovascular fitness or decrease your training intensity.

If the blood taste in your mouth during a run is an occurring thing, you may need to visit a doctor to rule out any underlying issues. However, for most people, you should be able to continue running without any issues.


How To Prevent Bloody Taste In Your Mouth When Running

If you experience a blood taste in your mouth when running, there is usually no reason to be concerned. However, there are some simple prevention measures you can take.

These include reducing the intensity of your workout. The blood or metallic you taste is often noticeable when pushing the body above your fitness level. So, reducing intensity slightly may help reduce the chances of tasting blood when you run.

Another prevention method is to change the time of day you run. Running in cold or dry air conditions can increase the chances of tasting blood. So, planning your runs during the day when the air is not so cold or dry can prevent symptoms from appearing.

Lastly, as your fitness progresses, the chance of tasting blood in your mouth when running should reside. However, it is not uncommon for this to happen occasionally when doing some hard running workouts.

To sum things up, if you experience a bloody taste in your mouth there is typically nothing to worry about. While it might not be the most comfortable feeling in the world, it should pass relatively quickly.

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