What Do Barbell Curls And Dips Have In Common?

What Do Barbell Curls And Dips Have In Common? Updated 2022

If you spend multiple days each week in a gym, you may have heard of the exercises, barbell curls, and dips. Even though they are two common exercises, they both share some things in common, and that’s not just the use of equipment.

So, What do barbell curls and dips have in common with each other?

In this article, we discuss the two exercises that are widely used to build strength in the arms, core, and upper body. So, if you want to learn about these two exercises and the things they have in common, keep reading.

What Is A Barbell Curl?

Apart from the bench press lift the barbell curl is the most publicized exercise there is in the gym. The barbell curl primarily focuses on the bicep muscles, which include the biceps brachii, and the brachialis, which is located under the bicep. However, it also works secondary muscles. These are the anterior deltoid muscle (front shoulder) and the brachioradialis (forearm muscle).

However, when performing the barbell curl, if not done correctly, can end up working the back muscles instead. So, it is important to not lift above your means by adding more plates to the barbell.

What Is A Dip Exercise?

What Is A Dip Exercise?

The dip exercise is an upper-body exercise that mainly focuses on the triceps. However, depending on your shoulder placement (wide or narrow) it can slightly change the muscles being worked. For example:

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Narrow shoulder stance
Triceps muscles
Anterior deltoid muscles
Pectoralis muscles
Rhomboid muscles

Wide shoulder stance
Pectoral muscles

To perform a dip, you support your body weight by using a dip bar. You then have your arms straight with your shoulders over your hands. the person then lowers their body until the arms reach a 90-degree angle. Then they lift themselves back up to the starting position (arms straight).


What Do Barbell Curls And Dips Have In Common?

Now you know the basics of a barbell curl and the dip exercise. So, what do barbell curls and dips have in common?

Generally, they both focus on the pectoral muscles and forearms and they are both classed as the best exercises for the bicep muscles.

However, lifting a bar is a much more effective way to work the biceps, as various variations can be used. Some of these include narrow grip, wide grip, reverse grip, sitting, and also standing.

However, both focus on the arm muscles. So, generally, they are two great exercises that help you to have a well-defined chest.

Even though results are more prominent with a straight bar workout, they both share some of the same qualities. These include:

– The ability to lift heavier weights
– It helps define the chest muscles
– A wide grip can help build the inner biceps
– A closed grip can help build outer biceps
– They both work the forearm muscles

Dips Exercise Benefits

Even though dips don’t get the recognition they deserve, they are a great workout to build muscle mass in your upper body. They can also help to build strength when moving into other exercises like the bench press.

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Another benefit of doing regular dips is that they can work opposing muscles. This is largely due because they are classed as a kinetic chain exercise.

A kinetic chain exercise is when the hands or feet are pressed against a solid surface, such as a parallel bar. Because of this, you can work multiple opposing muscles at the same time. Thus allowing you to isolate the muscles you are trying to work.

To do a dip, start by:

1. Turning the dip bar facing outward. Then hold onto the bars with your arms fully extended (arm’s length)
2. Then move your body in line with your trunk and your wrists in line with your forearms.
3. First inhale slightly, before lowering your body down towards the bars. As you move down, move your torso slightly forward as your elbows start to flare out to the side.
4. Once you start to feel the stretch in your chest, breathe out. Then start to push yourself back up again.
5. Once you have reached the starting position, inhale and repeat.

For a more serious workout, use a dip belt around your waist and used the desired amount of weight you need. This will increase the intensity of the exercise.

Start with 1-2 sets of 10 repetitions to begin with. Then as you become more comfortable doing this exercise, increase this to 2 to 3 sets of 10.

Ideally, try to do the dip exercise at least two times a week. Though, for better results, 3 times per week is widely recommended. However, make sure you allow at least 48 hours before repeating the dip workout.

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Which Is Better Dumbbells Or Barbells?

Various studies have shown that doing barbell curls is more unstable than a dip. That means if you aren’t familiar with a barbell curl, you are better off using the dip exercise instead, as it will give you better control of your technique.

This is to do with the strain on the wrist if not done correctly, so most personal trainers don’t recommend this until you have enough arm strength to do the exercise correctly.

However, most bodybuilders and gym freak’s like doing the barbell curl more. This is because they can add more weight and build bigger bicep muscles and chests than dips.

That doesn’t mean dips aren’t beneficial for a bodybuilder. Most bodybuilders are strong enough to add weight to the body, which can help to build upper-body mass.

No matter which exercises you do, both have advantages and disadvantages to them.

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