TRX Exercises

TRX Exercises For Beginners – Everything You Should Know

Whether your goal is to lose weight or build a stronger body, TRX is a useful tool to help you reach your goals. While weight training is a great tool for building strength, by adding some TRX workouts into your training, you can help work specific core muscles better than most exercise equipment on the market.

In this article today, we explain what TRX is, whether or not it’s better than lifting weights, and show you 10 TRX exercises that you should incorporate into your strength training plan.


What Is TRX?

Designed by Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, Total Resistance Exercises Training (commonly known as TRX) is a piece of exercise equipment that relies on body weight and gravity to improve muscular strength and endurance. It is also used to improve balance and muscle stability.

Because TRX uses your only body weight and core to stabilize yourself during workouts, performing basic movements like a pull-up, squat, lunge, or plank, turns into a workout that gets your stabilizer muscles, and heart rate pumping.

Because TRX can either be hung or connected to the door frame, it makes this piece of equipment one of the most portable and accessible pieces of exercise equipment on the market today.


Benefits Of Using TRX

There are many benefits to utilizing TRX exercise equipment. Below are 4 of the top benefits of using TRX.

Works your entire body
Because TRX training provides instability when performing exercises, most of your body’s muscles become activated in the process. This makes them engage and work harder to support your position than most other exercise equipment.

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Can Help Fix Imbalances
Since TRX training works multiple muscle groups at the same time, it can help by correcting and finding imbalances. This can help prevent injuries and improve mobility.

Suits All Abilities
By adjusting your body position, you can increase the difficulty of the exercise. this means TRX suits all abilities and fitness levels.

Low Impact
Because this form of exercise equipment suspends your body in different ways, it offers a low-impact form of exercise. This means it is a great alternative to lifting weights, running, or other activities that can put a strain on your bones, ligaments, and tendons.

Can Be Used Anywhere
TRX is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment on the market today. It can be set up and installed just about anywhere and can be packed away and used when traveling. All you need to do is find a place to hang the bands, and you can get started straight away.


Is TRX Better Than Lifting Weights?

While lifting weights will always have a place on one’s strength training plan, suspension training with TRX is a much better form of training to strengthen your lower back, core, and abs than lifting weights. This is because it works not only these key areas of the body but also surrounding muscle groups during exercises.


10 Best TRX Exercises

Below are the top 10 best TRX exercises for a full-body workout.

Hang tough
Not for the beginner, the hang tough exercise develops serious upper body and core strength that is hard to replicate with weight training.

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To do this exercise: Grap the handles with your hands, then lift your body off the ground. Straighten your legs and extend them out to create an L shape.



Squat & Fly
The squat and fly is a variation of the squat which works the lower and upper muscles of the body.

To do this exercise: Grab the handles and extend your arms above you, creating a Y figure. Then squat down, allowing the TRX to take your weight. Drive upwards, and spread your arms as you rise.



Clock press
Not for the beginner, the clock press is an intense exercise that improves reaction time and works your core.

To do this exercise: Place your hands on the handles and slowly lean forwards until your body is supported (45-degree push-up position). Take your left arm and extend it outwards while keeping your right hand close to your chest. Alternate between sides.



Low Row
The low row is great for improving upper body strength and back muscles, as well as core stability.

To do this exercise: Start by lying on the ground underneath the hanging TRX. Grab both handles and lift yourself up. Focus on drawing your shoulders back to work the lats.



Tricep Press
The tricep press is a great way to strengthen your tricep muscles and surrounding stability muscles.

To do this exercise: Stand in front of the hanging TRX while holding both handles. Lean forward and then extend your arms. Hold the extended position for a few seconds, and then repeat.

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The TRX lunge is a great alternative to the regular lung. Not only does it build bigger glutes, but also helps work your stabilizer muscles and improves balance and coordination.

To do this exercise: Bend your knee (heel towards bum) and place your right foot inside the handle (top of the foot aiming towards the ground). Squeeze your glutes and raise your right foot to hip height. Then drop into a lunge. Your right foot should be extended out behind you, and your left leg positioned at 90 degrees.

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