Strength Workout For Runners At Home

The Best Strength Workout For Runners At Home

Whether you are training for a half-marathon, marathon, 5k, or a 10k race, strength workouts should be part of your training plan. Strength training can provide greater running efficiency, better injury prevention, and help prevent muscular fatigue and cramping.

Because many runners don’t belong to a gym or have access to weights, they think they can’t do strength training, let alone add it into their weekly training. However, this is far from the truth.

You don’t need heavy weights or even belong to a gym to do strength training. Many strength workouts can be done at home for runners that only require a short amount of time.

The strength workouts we will show you can be done at home and should be included in your training two to three times per week. You won’t need weights or a gym membership to do these safe and effective strength training programs (beginner, intermediate, advanced).


Why Is Strength Training Important For Runners

There are many benefits to strength training for runners. It can help improve your speed, endurance, and overall performance. It can also reduce your risk of injuries by making your muscles and connective tissues stronger.

Strength training is an important part of any runner’s training program. By including strength workouts into your training, you can become a stronger, faster, and more efficient runner.

If you’re new to strength training, start slow and gradually increase the intensity and frequency of your workouts. And be sure to focus on exercises that target the muscles used in running, such as your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

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Here are a few of the many benefits of strength training for runners:

1. Improve Speed and Endurance

Strength training can help improve your speed and endurance by strengthening your muscles. When your muscles become stronger, they can work more efficiently, which will help you run faster and further.

2. Prevent Injuries

Strength training can also help prevent injuries by strengthening your muscles and connective tissues. Stronger muscles and connective tissues can better support your joints to handle the impact of running. They can also help reduce the risk of common running injuries, such as shin splints, IT band syndrome, and plantar fasciitis.

3. Improve Overall Performance

In addition to improving your speed and endurance, strength training can also help you run more efficiently. Stronger muscles require less energy to work. Strength workouts for runners can also lead to better overall performance and faster times.

4. Enhance Mental Toughness

Running is a mentally and physically demanding sport. Strength training can help improve your mental toughness by teaching your body to handle the stresses of running. Strength workouts can also help you push through tough workouts and races and stay motivated when things get tough.

5. Make Running More Enjoyable

Last but not least, strength training can make running more enjoyable. When you become stronger and more efficient running will feel easier and more enjoyable. You may also find that you have more energy to enjoy other activities outside of running, such as playing with your kids or exploring new trails.

So there you have it – five short reasons why strength training is important for runners. By including strength workouts in your training, you can become stronger, faster, and a more injury-resistant runner.

Beginner Strength Workout For Runners At Home

If you have never included strength training in your running training plan before, this workout is a good introduction to strength training at home. Alternatively, if you have had a break from strength training, the below workout can help you get back into the swing of things.

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To do the workout below, first, start with a warm-up and then perform all exercises in order, with 30 seconds of rest between each exercise.

Lower Body Exercises

– One set of 15 bodyweight squats
– 20 bodyweight lunges on each side
– 4 x 30-second Wall quad sits
– Three sets of 8 heel raises
– Two sets of 5 toe raises

Core Exercises

– Plank for 30 seconds
– Side plank for 30 seconds
– Two sets of six bird-dogs for 5 seconds each
– 60 seconds of bicycle crunches
– 30 seconds of reverse crunches
– 10 push-ups or 15 knee push-ups


Intermediate Strength Workout For Runners At Home

The intermediate workouts increase the number of sets and include variations to increase the intensity. This workout is suited to someone who has done strength training before or is currently doing a little strength training each week.

Lower Body Exercises

– Two sets of 15 bodyweight squats
– Two sets of 20 body weight lunges on each side
– 4 x 45-second Wall quad sits
– Three sets of 12 heel raises
– Two sets of 10 toe raises

Core Exercises

– Plank for 60 seconds
– Side plank for 60 seconds
– Two sets of six bird-dogs for 10 seconds each
– 90 seconds of bicycle crunches
– 60 seconds of reverse crunches
– 30 push-ups or 40 knee push-ups

Advanced Strength Workout Runners At Home

The advanced strength training program will help you increase your endurance and lean muscle mass. This workout increases the number of repetitions and holding times. The workout is only recommended if you have moved through the beginner and intermediate programs. Alternatively, if you have already been doing some strength workouts at home, you might be able to jump straight in.

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Lower Body Exercises

– Three sets of 15 bodyweight squats
– Three sets of 20 body weight lunges on each side
– 5 x 45-second Wall quad sits
– Four sets of 12 heel raises
– Three sets of 10 toe raises

It is important when doing the above exercises that you engage the muscles being used and ensure your core muscles are locked.

Core Exercises

– Plank for 90 seconds
– Side plank for 90 seconds
– Three sets of 10 bird dogs for 15 seconds each
– Three sets of 90 seconds of bicycle crunches
– Two sets of 60 seconds reverse crunches
– 50 push-ups or 60 knee push-ups
– 10 superman abs (holding each for 10 seconds)

There you have it! These are some of the best strength workouts for runners at home. Make sure to include them in your training at least twice a week. For better results, try to increase it to three days per week. Ideally, do these workouts on a day you are not running or on a day when the intensity is low (recovery running day).

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