Running For Fun

Running For Fun – How to Enjoy running The Right Way

Running is hard, and there is no denying that. However, if performed the right way, it can also be a fun and exhilarating form of exercise.

Whether you are new to running or a veteran, we all struggle with making running fun at some point. That can be because of fatigue, lack of performance, and even injuries. So, how can you make running more enjoyable again?

In this article, we look at why you should be running for fun rather than results and the process of learning to enjoy the benefits that running gives you, rather than chasing times or performances.

If you want to change your mindset and focus on running for fun keep reading on!

Ways to Make Running Easier – What You Should know!

If you are struggling to get out and run even though you enjoy it, you may have lost the enjoyment of running. Running, even if a form of exercise, should be a fun experience. However, it is important to understand that even the people that love running also have days where they struggle to head out the door.

The first thing to understand when you lose the love of running is that it can be more than motivation. If you love running in general and are addicted to training, it is not uncommon that you lose motivation at some point. However, when this happens there can be a few reasons. These include:

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– Overtraining
– Lack of Form
– Drop-in testosterone levels
– Stress

For most regular runners, the cause of the drop in motivation comes from a lack of recovery. You see, when you don’t allow enough recovery your testosterone levels drop, causing a lack of motivation, stress, and anger.

Luckily, if you are struggling with motivation there are ways to make running easier. This can include:

– Running with friends
– Changing scenery
– Leaving your heart rate monitor or GPS watch at home
– Adding more rest days into your program

Motivation to Keep Running When Tired

Motivation to Keep Running When Tired

There are times when the body is full of motivation, but the legs don’t want to follow. This is more common than usual. However, there are times when you should keep running when tired and other times when you shouldn’t. This largely depends on what period of training you are in.

If you are on the third week of your four-week block it is common to feel tired in the legs. However, if you are already feeling tired in your legs after your recovery week, you may have a problem.

If you are following a running training plan, there should only be a few times when you need to find the motivation to keep running when tired. And this is generally the last week of training before your recovery week. If you have this feeling earlier than that, you may need to re-adjust your training to allow for more recovery.

If You Have No Motivation to Run Anymore What Should You Do?

At some point in time, this happens to everyone and it is nothing to be scared of. However, if you have no motivation to run at all, then the best form of attack is to rest.

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Generally, the lack of motivation and drive to train is caused by either overtraining, burnout, or stress. The body then is just wanting some time to recover and rebuild itself. Then sooner or later you will feel ready to start running again.

However, during this time it is wise to look at other forms of exercise that can bring you happiness. This can include:

– Crossfit
– Rowing
– Cycling
– Walking
– Tennis

The list goes on. However, the main point is to keep the body active while you take some time away from running. Doing so will allow you to come back to running without losing a lot of fitness.

Benefits of Taking a Week Off From Running

Benefits of Taking a Week Off From Running

Generally, most people that struggle with motivation only stop for one week. Luckily there are some benefits of taking a week off from running, and this includes:

– Improved recovery
– Increased motivation
– Reduction in inflammation
– Increase in testosterone

Luckily for most people, there are some benefits to taking a week of running. Often a week away from running can help increase your testosterone count and promote healing of the muscles. Because most runners do too much, the extra recovery can benefit their performance in the long term.

However, if you are planning to have more than a week off training, you will start to see a decline in performance. That is unless you replace your running with another form of aerobic exercise. Which can include:

– Circuit training
– Rowing
– Aerobics
– Tennis
– Walking

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These above exercise can help prevent loss of fitness and running performance. However, if you decide to to take a break from running for more than one week, you may start to see a decline in performance.

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