How Sleep Can Improve Your Running Performance

How Sleep Can Improve Your Running Performance

Have you ever considered the role of sleep in your running performance? We all know that regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are crucial for staying fit, but sleep often gets overlooked. Well, it's time to wake up to the amazing benefits that quality sleep...

Ideal Temperature For Running

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Running

If you are an experienced runner, you may know how much weather conditions can play a role in your training or even race results. While nice weather is always welcome to run in and certainly motivates people. The perfect temperature for running can vary between people....

Sports Performance

Performance Lab® Energy

We’re all looking for ways to get energized. Coffee, energy drinks, and cheap energy pills target our endocrine system to spike energy levels to get us through low points. The body bears the brunt of the ill effects of excessive use of such sources we...