Navy Seal Burpees

Navy Seal Burpees – UPDATED 2022 – Results, Benefits & More!

If you are looking for variation in the gym and short on time, the navy seal burpees could end up being your go-to exercise.

The Navy seal burpees are basically a burpee and a push-up combined. That means you are working the full body with every burpee.

However, the navy seal burpee is not for the faint-hearted. It is a taxing exercise to do, but you will soon see the benefits.

In this article, we discuss:

– What is a navy seal burpee
– How To Do Navy Seal Burpees
– Navy Seal Burpees Benefits
– What to expect when doing navy seal burpees every day

So if you want to learn more about this popular workout for time-crunched people, keep reading.

Navy Seal Burpees – A Complete Guide

While the Pilates burpee is classed as the hardest core exercise ever, the navy seal burpee isn’t far behind.

Originally designed by a former navy seal (Jocko Willink), the navy seal burpee is a variation of the typical and popular burpee exercise.

The reason the navy seal variation is becoming so popular is that it combines a typical burpee with a push-up. This makes the workout much harder, as it works nearly every muscle in the body.

Most people that perform the navy seal burpee, have a love-hate relationship with it. While it does help improve strength and speed, it is also a form of cardiovascular exercise. Making it much more difficult than a resistance exercise, as it combines all three aspects into one exercise.

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However, when performing this variation of the burpee you spend more time in the down position. This means that the exercise is slightly more focused on being a resistance exercise.

The standard burpee works the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, core, and arms. As well as the cardiovascular system.

Since the navy seal version is a variation of this, expect the workout to work all the same muscles. However, due to the higher number of movements (push-ups and knee to elbow movements), there will be a greater focus on the shoulder, triceps, core, and arm muscles.

One thing is for sure: when it comes to fitness, everyone becomes time-poor instantly. This is why calisthenics exercises such as navy seal burpees are amazing: they build pecs definition, work the triceps and improve cardio fitness, all at the same time, through a combination of high-intensity bodyweight resistance moves.

Navy Seal Burpees Benefits

Navy Seal Burpees Benefits

Doing the navy seal burpee can provide many benefits to someone’s exercise routine. Since they work the whole body and don’t require any assistance from weights, you can do the workout anywhere. Making it one of the most convenient full-body workouts you can do.

Other navy seal burpee benefits are:

– Targets the cardiovascular system
– Works the quadriceps, calves, arms, shoulders, traps, and core
– Raises heart rate quickly
– Convenient to do anywhere
– Novice friendly
– Burns calories quickly

So, as you can see there are many benefits to adding the burpee variation into your training plan.

However, it is widely recommended when doing the burpee for the first time is to slow down the speed and focus on technique over how fast you can go. Then as you get more comfortable performing the exercise, start to speed it up.

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How To Do Navy Seal Burpees?

If you are planning to start doing the navy seal burpees multiple times a week, you might want to consider purchasing a yoga mat. A yoga mat will make working out more comfortable on the hard floor. Alternatively, perform the burpee outside on a soft surface.

So, how to do the navy seal burpees?

Do perform a navy seal burpee:

1. Start by standing up straight, with feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Then bend your legs and place your arms on the ground shoulder-width apart.
3. Extend your legs backward so you are in a push-up position.
4. Perform a push-up, and at the same time bring your knee forward to your chest.
5. Do this twice, bringing the same knee forward both times.
6. Jump up into a squat and then move back to the starting position.
7. Repeat, but this time bring the opposite knee forward.

It is important when first performing this exercise that you keep your feet and arms shoulder-width apart. Also, make sure when you are in the push-up position you keep your back flat and core tight.

When doing this workout we also recommend you use a heart rate monitor so you can track your heart rate and performance when doing it. Because as time goes on, you should see your heart rate lower as you become more efficient at performing the exercise.

Doing Navy Seal Burpees Everyday

Doing Navy Seal Burpees Everyday – What To Expect?

If you are doing navy seal burpees every day, the number of repetitions will depend on the results you will see. However, expect to start seeing some definition around the arms, shoulders, core, and glutes. As these are the muscles used during the workout.

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Also if you are performing this exercise for the first time, expect that you probably only be able to perform 10-20 repetitions. However, don’t let this put you off, as within a few days you should start feeling more comfortable doing them. Meaning you should be able to complete over 10 repetitions.

It is also expected that this exercise shouldn’t be the only one you do every day. As variation and consistency is the key, and doing the navy seal burpees every day will become tiresome very quickly, causing people to become unmotivated.

So, instead of doing the burpees each day by themselves try to add them into circuit training. That way you have more variation, work the cardiovascular system more and you can target other muscles the burpee doesn’t hit.


Navy Seal Burpees Results

Just like any other exercise, don’t expect to see results overnight. However, if you are consistently doing this exercise 3-4 times a week you should expect to see some large results.

Some of the results from doing the navy seal burpee include:

– Stronger core muscles
– More defined traps and arms
– Stronger calve muscles
– Stronger glute muscles
– Improvement in explosive strength

However, if you are looking for more strength improvements over weight loss and definition, then try adding a weighted vest to the workout. Just remember to keep the weight between 4-10% of your body weight, and don’t introduce a weighted vest until you have mastered the workout first.

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