How To Overcome Running Fatigue

How To Overcome Running Fatigue – Extreme Fatigue After Running

Excessive running fatigue is a common sight with a lot of new runners, so how to overcome running fatigue?

Running fatigue is a combination of being excessively tired or constantly fighting injuries. Pair this with a lack of motivation and you can be certain your in the beginning of a downwards spiral.

Fatigue can come in different ways and is usually built up over several months. The fatigue can come from everyday life such as stress, work, family, and diet. So remember the running fatigue you have is not always caused by the training alone. It is more a combination of your lifestyle and training methods.

So keep in mind when you are designing a running training plan and plan adequate recovery throughout your training. Make sure you build your running training program around your lifestyle first rather than the event. This means that your training volume and duration should be based around what you can currently fit into your lifestyle rather than the event you have planned. Then adjust the program towards the event based on the time you have.

It is a common sight that athletes make base their program entirely on the distance of an event instead of the actual amount of training they can fit into there life. This means not only does their body take a punishing but mentally they feel drained and fatigued as the weeks go on. With the reason being they aren’t recovering enough both mentally and physically from the training and constantly feel tired running.

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If you get stuck in this circle of fatigue it is important you take a step back and reevaluate your training and give your body some much need recovery through easy running or complete rest.

Just remember that not all running fatigue is bad. Most if not all athletes have constant fatigue lingering from week to week. But at some point, you must allow the body to repair itself and let the fatigue settle. This usually comes in the way of off-season breaks, recovery weeks, and recovery days. Implement these little things into your annual training plan and you might find the quality of workouts will increase.

Extreme Fatigue After Running

Extreme Fatigue After Running

If you have extreme fatigue after running all the time it is important to put the shoes away and take a complete break from running. This could be anything from 1 week to a month depending on how much fatigue is there.

This is often seen in runners when they feel tired after running short distances. Short runs they breeze through end up becoming a workout on there own. But it is important not to mistake this from accumulative fatigue from the past week’s training.
If this is a common sight try to increase the number of recovery runs in your program or add another rest day.

For example, it is quite common with our athletes that they feel somewhat fatigued on a Monday after a hard weekend even with a light recovery day. Hence why Wednesdays could be another easier day training. This is to help shred any fatigue that is pulled through from the weekend while allowing you to fit in a quality workout on Tuesday.

Why Is Running So Hard On The Body?

With the fatigue and impact generated from running, it’s not uncommon people wonder why is running so hard on the body.
The body needs to absorb impact through the bones and joints but the fight against the gravitational forces. Muscles then need to become stronger and the vascular system needs to generate enough oxygen to the muscles.

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Remember any kind of aerobic fitness is specific to that sport. The lungs, heart, and vascular system need to be able to deliver oxygen to the muscles. Then the body needs to use the oxygen the aerobic energy pathway


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