When Is It Too Hot To Run

When Is It Too Hot To Run – Best Time To Run In The Summer

With temperatures soaring in parts of Australia and even parts of Europe during summer there are often times when is it too hot to run.

There is a misconception that running in the heat is detrimental to your health. Temperature between 30-35 degrees is still considered safe for running but can be risky for pregnant women or children and the elderly.

Many runners compete and train in warmer climates. These include countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, and Japan.

There are multiple running events around the world that take place in temperatures above 35 degrees. Such events as the Marathon des Sables that competes across the Sahara desert is known for its brutal heat.

Such events require preparation, constant hydration, and require the runner to gauge their effort correctly. Doing so will allow you to run safely in extreme heats, but remember running in such temperatures do require acclimatization and the correct preparation.

Best Time To Run In The Summer

Best Time To Run In The Summer

The best time to run in summer relies on how well you are accustomed to the heat.

The body has been known to reach peak performance during the late afternoon and early evening. This is when the temperature is at its highest and the body’s muscles are at their most relaxed and flexible state. This is mainly because the muscles have been in use throughout the day.

If you are someone that isn’t well acclimatized to the heat this can have a detrimental effect on your performance if you are not accustomed to the temperature. So if you are looking at running in the later afternoon it is better to slowly plan your running from mid-morning to late afternoon over a period of weeks.

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National Institutes of Health has studied the performance benefits of running different times of the day. They found that the runners lungs functioned 6% better in the later stages of the day. They also found that stamina increased and the muscles were more relaxed.

What Temperature Is Too Hot To Run

What Temperature Is Too Hot To Run

Running above 30 degrees even with some performance benefits does not come without risks. Temperatures above this can lead to dehydration, muscle cramps, nausea, and tiredness, thus impairing performance.

But what temperature is too hot to run in?

This is highly individual and depends entirely on the runner’s body and the temperatures the runner is accustomed to.

Running in hot conditions causes the temperature of the body to rise. Running in hot weather works best when you can control the core body temperature at 37 degrees.

This means for the runner that cant control the core temperature and sees a dramatic rise may not be able to cover the same distance that you would in milder temperatures.

Remember when running in hot weather sensible precautions are needed. By hydrating correctly and acclimatizing to the temperature you will likely see less of a decline in your running performance.


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