Dumbbell Hex Press

Dumbbell Hex Press: The Most Underrated Chest Exercise

If you are looking for variation in your chest training, look no further than the dumbbell hex press. While the standard dumbbell and barbell bench press exercises can help target your chest, they don’t specifically target the split between the left and right pecs. That is why it is important to add exercises like the hex press and incline hex press into your workout.

In this article, we discuss:

– What a dumbbell hex press is
– How to do the dumbbell hex press
– Incline dumbbell hex press
– Muscles worked during the hex press

So, if you want some variation in your chest workouts, keep reading.

What is the Dumbbell Hex Press?

The dumbbell hex press is a variation of the dumbbell bench press. The exercise, even though similar to the dumbbell bench press, requires you to keep the weights touching throughout the movement. The hex exercise is usually executed using hexagonal dumbbells (hence the name hex press). Although, it can be performed with standard dumbbells too.

The hex press can be a great addition to your chest workouts because it helps sculpt your pectoral muscles and helps the split and definition between the left and right pecs. However, if size and mass are critical for you, this exercise is not ideal.

Some of the pros of the hex press include:

– Builds inner chest muscles
– Relieves stress on the shoulders.
– Works the triceps
– Allows you to reach failure with lighter weights.

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The main drawback to the hex press is it doesn’t promote muscle mass, which is important for many people at the gym. However, as an additional chest exercise to help sculpt the pectoral muscles, it is a great exercise to add to your chest workout routine.

How to Do the Dumbbell Hex Press?

Before knowing how to do the dumbbell hex press, it is wise to have someone that knows how to perform this exercise correctly. That way, they can help guide your technique and make changes on the fly.

To do this exercise, you will first need a pair of hex or standard dumbbells. We recommend you start with a weight as light as possible, so you learn the proper technique. Once you have the technique dialled in correctly, you can then look at adding more weight to the exercise.

To perform this exercise:

1. Hold your dumbbells with your palms facing in (neutral grip).
2. Lay on your back on the bench and hold the dumbbells close to your chest.
3. Bring the dumbbells together so they are touching.
4. Push the dumbbells upwards while keeping them together.
5. Perform 10-12 repetitions or the desired number you have planned.
6. Drop the dumbbells carefully once finished.

Below are some tips to help you perform the dumbbell hex press correctly.

-At the top of the movement (when the arms are extended), squeeze your elbows inward. This will help to contract the muscles of your inner chest.

-When lowering the dumbbells, make sure the head touches your lower chest.

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-Keep your elbows tucked in at your sides when you reach the bottom movement.

Incline Dumbbell Hex Press

Another variation of the hex press is the incline dumbbell hex press. This variation can help add more resistance to the arms and chest (A steeper angle helps more activation across the chest).

To perform the incline dumbbell hex press, find an adjustable bench and adjust the back to 45 degrees or steeper.

1. Choose the correct dumbbell weight
2. Hold your dumbbells in a neutral grip
3. Lay on the bench with your upper body at 45deg.
4. Bring the dumbbells to your chest so they are touching.
5. Extend the dumbbells in front of you while keeping them together (touching).
6. Pull the dumbbells back into your chest (while they are still touching)
7. Repeat for the desired repetitions.

As you can see, the incline hex press is similar to the standard hex press. Although, the main difference is the angle of your torso.

The hex press doesn’t replace the wider grip barbell or dumbbell bench press. Instead, it should be used as a supplemental exercise to complement your chest workout. However, It can be used as a replacement exercise when shoulder pain occurs from performing a pronated bench press or a pectoral muscle tear or strain.


Dumbbell Hex Press Muscles Worked

Like any chest workout, you will target the major muscles in the chest. The hex press (Commonly known as the Squeeze Press, Coffin Press, Crush Press, or Close Grip Press) primarily works the Pectoralis major. However, other muscles include the Anterior and lateral deltoids and triceps.

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If you are looking for a workout that specifically targets the inner chest, the dumbbell hex press is another workout you can add to your chest training routine. Bear in mind this exercise is relatively easy, so most beginners are able to perform it. However, we do recommend having a personal trainer look over your technique to make sure you are squeezing the chest muscles and performing the exercise correctly. They can also help you choose the right weight, to begin with.

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