Dimmel Deadlift

Dimmel Deadlift – UPDATED 2022 – Benefits, Methods & More!

If you’re looking to shake up your lifting routine for the 2022 new year, then you might be interested in learning about the Dimel Deadlift. This beast of a workout was developed by the late and great powerlifter Matt Dimel and involves low weight lifts with explosive movements.

This isn’t a lift that beginners should try without research though, and the methods to doing it need to be followed pretty much to the T. However the benefits of the Dimmel Deadlift are going to be noticeable from day one, and keeping it as part of your routine will have more long-term perks.

This guide will give you the rundown of how to do the Dimmel Deadlift, some key tips to help you perform it safely, the benefits and different types of Dimmel Deadlift, and more.


Dimmel Deadlift – A Complete Guide

Doing a Dimmel Deadlift sounds quite simple, but requires practice, patience, and caution.

Here are the steps to doing a safe and effective deadlift:

1. Prepare for the deadlift by standing with your feet in line with your hips.
2. Make an overhand grip on the bar just outside of where your thighs line up with the bar.
3. Assume the starting position for the lift, by lifting the bar to below your knees, while pressing using your legs.
4. Begin the first rep – push forward using your hips and raise your chest. Make sure your arms are extended, the bar is at your waist, and your torso is firm.
5. Quickly switch directions with your upper half, and return the bar to below your knees.
6. Repeat the rep 15-20 times, but don’t move too harshly.

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Dimmel Deadlift Benefits

The Dimmel movement focuses on muscles that take a lot of the weight when lifting but can benefit all areas including your posture, grip, and technique. Some of the benefits of doing the

Dimmel Deadlift include:

Improved Hips and Glute Strength
Because the Deadlift focuses on holding the barbell towards the lower parts of your body, it’s great at strengthening the areas that bear most of the weight of this lift.

The Dimmel Deadlift focuses on proper positioning to strengthen your posterior muscles, and it’s a lift that lets you feel exactly the areas that are benefitting from performing it.

Increase Squat Strength
Mark Dimmel developed his famed Deadlift to increase his squat from an already impressive 800 pounds to an insane 1000 pound squat.

This was a success, and there are videos of Mark Dimmel performing an over 900 pound squat; all thanks to his deadlift technique.

If you feel like you’ve hit a wall in your squat strengths that you can’t get past, the Deadlift might help you to break that limit.

Or, even if you’re not squatting anything near 800 pounds, the Deadlift will help you to build up strength gradually, and you’ll see improvement quickly.

Uses and Strengthens Major Muscles
While the Dimmel Deadlift will have the most benefits for your posterior muscles, like any good lift it will help to build up many more areas of the body.

This lift uses 15 muscles, including the Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Middle and Upper Trapezius, Obliques, and more.

By incorporating the Deadlift into your routine, you won’t feel like you’re neglecting other lifts that may focus on these major muscles; because gradually, you’re improving and building up these too.

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Enhances Grip Strength
One of the most important things about performing the Deadlift correctly is making sure your grip strength is on point.

The lift is all about positioning your hands in the right places on the bar and lifting suddenly and quickly. This requires a strong overhand grip, something that can only be trained by continuous practice.

The Dimmel Deadlift can make this process faster – kind of like a trial by fire – by forcing you to have the intense grip strength to perform the lift, it will train your grip for any future routines.


Dimel Deadlift Vs RDL – How Do They Differ?

If you’re familiar with the RDL (Romanian deadlift) then you might notice some similarities between this and the Dimmel Deadlift. However, there are key differences in the technique of the lifts.

First of all, the Romanian deadlift is a slow and steady lift that focuses on control. This is in contrast to the Dimmel deadlift’s quick and explosive movements.

The positioning of the barbell during a Romanian deadlift is also different from the Dimmel lift; a Romanian deadlift has you hold the bar at the lowest possible level and focus on your form while keeping your grip.

In the Dimmel movement, you only hold the bar a little below your knees.

Trap Bar Dimmel Deadlift

Trap Bar Dimmel Deadlift

If you’re used to using a trap bar, incorporating this into the Dimmel Deadlift is a good idea.

Using a trap bar during a Deadlift will shift the strength and weight of the lift to your legs, making it less stressful on your lower back.

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This is a great adaptation to the lift for people who may have had a back injury before, and want to reduce the pressure on that area.

The trap bar is recommended for beginners, as doing an intense lift like the Dimmel Deadlift can cause serious injury without proper technique.


Sumo Dimmel Deadlift

A Sumo Dimmel Deadlift is a variation of the lift that changes the stance you’re in while performing it.

Instead of your feet being hips-width apart, in the Sumo position your feet should instead be shoulder-width apart. Your toes should not point ahead and instead should point at an angle, roughly 45°.

The benefits of a Sumo Dimmel Deadlift include being less stressful to the back area – this lifting technique is recommended for rehabilitation after a serious back injury, for example.

The Sumo position will also have great benefits for the strength of the Gluteus Maximus muscle; this makes it a great way to variate the Dimmel Deadlift, which already focuses on strengthening that area.


Dimmel Deadlift – Closing Thoughts

We hope this guide to the Dimmel Deadlift has been useful. The alternative deadlift method may seem intimidating, but keep practicing your technique and you’ll have it down in no time. And you’ll start to see the benefits of this type of lift.

Thanks for reading, and look out for more guides and tips about the Dimmel Deadlift and all other kinds of lifting going into 2022!

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