Bad Shoulder Genetics

Bad Shoulder Genetics – UPDATED 2022 – A Complete Guide

Unless you’ve studied it, you might be surprised at what genetics can control. There are the basics like your eye color and your hair color, but then you go into more complex things such as diseases.

If you dig further though, you might find that genetics can control your potential. Not whether or not you’ll be an astronaut someday, not that kind of potential. Genetics can control how big your muscles can get in different areas of your body.

Bad shoulder genetics and good shoulder genetics are the two types of genetics you can be blessed (or cursed) within your shoulders.

Never heard of bad shoulder genetics before? Our guide will talk you through bad shoulder genetics, including how to fix bad shoulder genetics, examples, and more.


Bad Shoulder Genetics – A Complete Guide

When we talk about bad shoulder genetics, what does this mean? How can shoulders be bad or good? You might be thinking that bad shoulder genetics means a shoulder injury.

While it’s true that genetics can influence your likelihood of getting diseases such as arthritis, this isn’t what bad shoulder is. Instead, it has a lot more to do with your shoulder muscles.

So, muscles are made up of a lot of smaller parts. When you think of a muscle, what you’re talking about is a group of tendons and fibers that make up the muscle and make it work as you would expect.

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The muscle belly is another part of the muscle. This refers to the part of the muscle where all of the tendons converge and attach. Muscles reform and build on this muscle belly – you can think of it as the base of the muscle.

The thing is, not all muscle bellies are made equal. It’s possible for some people to have a shorter muscle belly and some people to have a longer muscle belly. This is down to your genetics.

If you have a short muscle belly, then your muscles will not grow as strong or as big as someone with a long muscle belly. If every single variable is the same between people with long muscle belly and short muscle belly, the person with long muscle belly will have bigger muscles.

This is because your muscles are limited in their growth by how much space is on the muscle belly. If there’s no space left, your muscles just can’t grow any bigger. No amount of training will change this.

So, going back to bad shoulder genetics. This term is used to talk about a short muscle belly in the shoulders. It’s possible to have a short muscle belly in the shoulders and then a long muscle belly in other areas, meaning you can have bad shoulder genetics but good ab genetics.

Good vs Bad Shoulder Genetics

Good vs Bad Shoulder Genetics – How do they Differ?

What makes good vs bad shoulder genetics? As mentioned, bad shoulders usually means that the muscle belly of your shoulders is shorter, therefore giving your shoulder muscles less max potential.

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With that logic, good shoulder genetics means that you have a long muscle belly in the shoulders. There should be no factors stopping a person with good shoulders from growing huge shoulder muscles.

Good shoulder genetics might also mean that your shoulders are broader and wider. If you’re building muscle in your shoulders then this can be desirable. Broad shoulders paired with toned and defined muscles make the muscle definition look more natural and more proportionate.

Of course, this depends on your desired aesthetic. If you’re not building huge shoulder muscles, then huge and broad shoulders will look weird. In this case, your idea of good shoulder genetics might be different from other people’s.


How to Fix Bad Shoulder Genetics?

If you’ve determined that you have bad shoulder genetics, whether it’s through short muscle belly or unnatural bone structure, your next question is probably “how to fix bad shoulder genetics?”.

There’s some bad news. You can’t fix any of the genetic causes of bad shoulders. You can’t lengthen your muscle belly. You can’t change your bone structure. There’s no way to not have bad shoulder genetics.

However, that’s not to say all hope is lost. You just might be asking the wrong questions. Instead of thinking about how to fix bad shoulder genetics, you should instead be thinking about how to mitigate bad shoulders.

In this case, there are a lot more possibilities opened up to you. As always, your next steps depend on your goals. If you want huge shoulders, then your priority should be building shoulder muscle.

Even if you have bad genetics, your muscles at 100% potential are still going to be bigger and look better than a good shoulder genetics guy who’s only built to 50% or 75% potential.

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Bad Shoulder Genetics for Bodybuilding

Bad shoulder genetics when bodybuilding has a lot to do with the 3 genetic body types. Ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. There may be a link between these and bad/good shoulder genetics.

For example, the is skinnier because of its bone structure. Smaller bone structure can mean bad shoulders. This means that the ectomorph will have trouble building big shoulders.

For a mesomorph, they might find that their larger bone structure enables them to have good shoulder genetics. They can build more shoulder muscle. There are no conclusive links between body types and muscle belly, but it wouldn’t be surprising if there’s a correlation here too.

Bad Shoulder Genetics Examples

Bad Shoulder Genetics Examples

Usually, bad shoulder genetics examples can be identified through seeing them. Physical effects of bad shoulders will be small shoulder muscles, uneven shoulder muscles, and more.

Shoulder genetics for the bone structure have different shapes. The acromion part of the shoulder bone can be flat, curved, or a regular shape. A flat acromion is an example of bad shoulder genetics.


Bad Shoulder Genetics – Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, bad shoulder genetics can’t be controlled but they can be managed. With that being said, it’s more productive for your time and energy to not worry about them too much.

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